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discussing about frequent urination   Posted By R.s.venkatkrisna    Date : 04-May-07   08:36 AM     Reply

Sir, i am 22 years old.iam suffering from the problem of frequent urination for every 10 to 15 minutes for the past one month.the urine passes out without pain but sometimes lower backpain accompanies.Accumulation of urine for more than an hour gives general uneasiness.My urge for urination do not change with climate or storm.But when some liquid drink is taken it creates further urge and more amount of urine passes out.without a liquid drink taken normal quantity urine goes for every 15 minutes. i will describe my general emotion and mental state.please prescribe me some homeo remedies for my disease. I lost my mother at the age of ten. From the age of 14 i started masturbating seven years.Now I feel sexual weakness.My testicles and urethra are not that much strong. So I took medicines from a naturopathy doctor a two months back.Iam continuing it now.But 1 month back I had developed frequent urination.I asked the reawson from the same homeopathy doctor.He told urinary infection was there and he has given some medicines for destroying the infection.I am taking it for a week.I cannot feel the improvement.I want to get rid of this infection as fast as possible.Please help me in this regard.I will tell my emotional state in the next message which will follow.please see it also.

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Re : discussing about frequent urination - Dr. Prashant Arkasali 05-May-07    05:19 AM

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