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Case discussion   Posted By Dr.Navid    Date : 01-Aug-12   02:24 PM  
pigmentation   Posted By sandeep kumar reddy    Date : 09-Feb-12   08:04 AM  
LGMD   Posted By MUTHU    Date : 05-Feb-12   12:53 AM  
Multiple Neurofibromatasis   Posted By B.Thanigaivelan    Date : 17-Sep-11   10:21 AM  
I'm 16 and 5.6....can i grow more taller??   Posted By Aman    Date : 15-Jul-11   08:19 AM  
muscular destropy tretment   Posted By mohd ashraf    Date : 23-Jun-11   09:47 AM  
knee pain&stiffness   Posted By chandramohan    Date : 18-Jun-11   03:03 AM  
penis enlargement   Posted By JAHANGIR KHAN    Date : 27-May-11   05:08 AM  
Meningomylocele Repair   Posted By Swetha    Date : 19-May-11   12:08 PM  
acne keloidalis nuchae   Posted By Abby Mathews    Date : 03-Apr-11   03:07 PM  
for the treatment of anal fistula   Posted By amit kumar    Date : 01-Apr-11   08:29 AM  
LGMD   Posted By archana    Date : 06-Nov-10   01:33 AM  
early discharge   Posted By zia    Date : 08-Oct-10   09:45 AM  
Treatment for ALS   Posted By Inderjeet Singh    Date : 21-Sep-10   01:31 AM  
hair loss   Posted By nidhi    Date : 17-Sep-10   03:41 AM  
Too much hairfall   Posted By Pankaj    Date : 17-Sep-10   06:33 AM  
Neurofibromatasis Treatment   Posted By Surya    Date : 13-Sep-10   03:44 AM  
skin prob   Posted By anju    Date : 09-Sep-10   10:45 AM  
Gynecomastia   Posted By Sandeep    Date : 08-Sep-10   09:31 PM  
Impotency due to excesive abuse   Posted By ZUBAIR    Date : 26-Aug-10   11:03 PM  
Loss of Libido   Posted By Raz    Date : 18-Jun-10   09:32 PM  
GBS syndrome   Posted By Madhur Mehta    Date : 12-Jun-10   09:07 AM  
for brest enlargement   Posted By sandhya    Date : 29-May-10   02:45 AM  
How to cure lgmd   Posted By V.Delhi Raju    Date : 27-Apr-10   07:11 AM  
increase size of my panis   Posted By dinesh verma    Date : 13-Apr-10   05:06 AM  
Amino acids imbalance   Posted By Rajashaker    Date : 13-Apr-10   10:52 AM  
cyst   Posted By V    Date : 19-Mar-10   08:39 AM  
Great Fatigue After Exercise   Posted By mahmoud    Date : 18-Mar-10   11:06 AM  
hair fall treatment   Posted By Jiten choudhury    Date : 26-Feb-10   04:26 AM  
Regarding Synus   Posted By manas Sircar    Date : 22-Feb-10   01:30 AM  
psoriasis   Posted By sutapa kundu    Date : 15-Feb-10   11:47 PM  
paraovarian cyst   Posted By Manoj Bhatnagar    Date : 05-Feb-10   10:33 AM  
flabby belly after child birth   Posted By subhashini    Date : 06-Jan-10   01:11 AM  
gullian barre syndrome   Posted By arvind    Date : 01-Jan-10   03:44 AM  
Homeopathic treatment of Neurofibromotasis   Posted By Gaurav Bhardwaj    Date : 18-Dec-09   02:09 AM  
hair fall   Posted By neha    Date : 07-Dec-09   01:35 AM  
TMJ, Headache,jaw unable to close   Posted By Rajiv    Date : 02-Dec-09   04:10 PM  
CKD Problem   Posted By manas sircar    Date : 26-Nov-09   02:58 AM  
breast enlagement   Posted By sahithi    Date : 25-Nov-09   04:02 AM  
hair falling   Posted By sahithi    Date : 25-Nov-09   04:05 AM  
Excessive Aspartic acid   Posted By Rajashakar    Date : 10-Nov-09   02:28 AM  
about penis.   Posted By prasad    Date : 27-Oct-09   01:18 PM  
Nil Sperm Case   Posted By Gulab Chand    Date : 24-Oct-09   04:39 AM  
muscle weakness   Posted By dounut    Date : 18-Oct-09   12:07 AM  
breast enhancement   Posted By Tina Acharya    Date : 21-Sep-09   04:22 AM  
Help Me   Posted By Rahul Singh    Date : 09-Sep-09   09:50 AM  
CONSTIPATION   Posted By sethi    Date : 22-Aug-09   09:23 PM  
Fat clotted in various part of body   Posted By Rahul    Date : 17-Jul-09   08:31 AM  
Ovarian cyst   Posted By Pshah    Date : 16-Jul-09   07:14 AM  
CKD Patient   Posted By Gaurav Sharma    Date : 10-Jul-09   06:40 AM  
Partial Oculomotor Palsy   Posted By Kayla    Date : 07-Jul-09   07:25 PM  
IRREGULAR HAIR GROWTH   Posted By KANNAN. T.K    Date : 24-Jun-09   08:58 AM  
Hyperpigmentation or Melasma   Posted By navi    Date : 17-Jun-09   11:31 AM  
stomach problem   Posted By Singh    Date : 10-Jun-09   05:35 AM  
arginase deficiency   Posted By ps rajashaker    Date : 05-Jun-09   05:52 AM  
less semen count and motality   Posted By dksh    Date : 29-May-09   10:00 AM  
Congential Ptosis   Posted By Niranjani Ravikumar    Date : 23-May-09   01:02 PM  
increase the penis girth and timing   Posted By babuji    Date : 25-Apr-09   06:52 PM  
Neurofibromatosis   Posted By Shanthi Rajagopal    Date : 19-Apr-09   04:19 AM  
IBS   Posted By Vinil    Date : 18-Apr-09   12:24 PM  
panis problem   Posted By ravi jain    Date : 16-Apr-09   02:52 AM  
Breast enlargement   Posted By suparna    Date : 15-Apr-09   09:54 AM  
Chronic Kidney Disease   Posted By Manohar    Date : 12-Apr-09   07:32 AM  
panis length   Posted By hemu    Date : 18-Mar-09   06:50 AM  
Not sure wat problem i have   Posted By ceabestein    Date : 18-Mar-09   03:08 AM  
Breast enlargement   Posted By sushmita    Date : 15-Mar-09   08:59 AM  
pigmentation   Posted By arpita    Date : 25-Feb-09   12:59 PM  
Body Weakness   Posted By Saurabh Garg    Date : 22-Feb-09   04:34 AM  
short and little penis   Posted By usman    Date : 21-Feb-09   05:52 PM  
hyperpigmentation   Posted By Pooja Channe    Date : 20-Feb-09   07:04 AM  
Neourogenic ptosis   Posted By Puneet kansal    Date : 16-Feb-09   12:23 PM  
Piles problem   Posted By Rajashakar    Date : 14-Feb-09   01:02 AM  
diabetic ratinopathy   Posted By Shubhangi    Date : 08-Feb-09   02:55 AM  
Yellow teethes   Posted By Kumar    Date : 07-Feb-09   12:25 AM  
Yellow teats   Posted By kumar    Date : 05-Feb-09   12:11 PM  
OVERACTIVE BLADDER   Posted By Vijay    Date : 04-Feb-09   08:08 AM  
Azoospermia   Posted By Jaykrishna    Date : 29-Jan-09   08:50 AM  
How to increase my height.   Posted By sunitha    Date : 28-Jan-09   10:54 AM  
LIMB-GIRDLE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY   Posted By krishna    Date : 18-Jan-09   11:50 AM  
Affected by anal fistula   Posted By Kamalnath    Date : 15-Jan-09   04:53 AM  
cyst in eyes   Posted By vidya    Date : 08-Jan-09   06:52 AM  
HEPATITIS C   Posted By dr kamran jamshed    Date : 05-Jan-09   05:40 AM  
Genital Warts   Posted By Sunil    Date : 03-Jan-09   03:48 AM  
shortness and obesity   Posted By lakshmi    Date : 19-Dec-08   01:45 PM  
Gum Growth   Posted By Arvind    Date : 18-Dec-08   09:19 PM  
Fistula in Ano   Posted By V. K. Saini    Date : 17-Dec-08   05:57 AM  
Unknown disease   Posted By Vijaya Raghavan    Date : 16-Dec-08   12:56 AM  
cardiac (Heart Problem)   Posted By sachin tembulkar    Date : 16-Dec-08   03:08 AM  
Irritable Bowel Syndrome   Posted By RAGHAVAN    Date : 13-Dec-08   06:14 AM  
Wart on my face   Posted By Dhakamen    Date : 07-Dec-08   01:01 PM  
Presbyopia   Posted By Narendra    Date : 17-Nov-08   07:06 AM  
Increase Boob size   Posted By Kla    Date : 26-Oct-08   02:59 PM  
How to Increate my penis girth   Posted By Mohan Kumar    Date : 25-Oct-08   09:19 AM  
How to Increase my boobs   Posted By Rani    Date : 25-Oct-08   09:25 AM  
sex problem   Posted By abc    Date : 20-Oct-08   06:00 PM  
Regarding the suggestive treatment.   Posted By Rajib Banerjee    Date : 20-Oct-08   09:46 AM  
PTOSIS W/DOUBLE VISION   Posted By KAYLA    Date : 14-Oct-08   10:05 PM  
CIDP   Posted By GUTOWSKI    Date : 12-Oct-08   07:11 PM  
PTOSIS W/DOUBLE VISION   Posted By Kayla    Date : 12-Oct-08   06:29 PM  
Gas in the stomach   Posted By Suri    Date : 27-Sep-08   12:06 AM  
Presbyopia   Posted By Narendra    Date : 17-Sep-08   09:06 PM  
Contact Details   Posted By Mohammed Rias VB    Date : 16-Sep-08   07:29 AM  
azoosperma   Posted By muhammad Zubair    Date : 08-Sep-08   11:09 PM  
breast enlargement   Posted By vidya    Date : 03-Sep-08   07:36 AM  
melosma   Posted By GOPAL    Date : 02-Sep-08   05:33 PM  
Erectile Dysfunction & loss of libido   Posted By Aaditya    Date : 01-Sep-08   05:07 PM  
azoospermia   Posted By sangita    Date : 27-Aug-08   05:55 AM  
warts   Posted By Pankaj Kumar Sinha    Date : 23-Aug-08   11:25 PM  
masterbation   Posted By KUMAR    Date : 22-Aug-08   11:59 AM  
plz help.glioblastoma multiforme   Posted By Ashish    Date : 13-Aug-08   04:34 PM  
post-urination and bile movement semen leakage   Posted By John    Date : 30-Jul-08   06:08 PM  
urin leaking & yellow color urin   Posted By aleem    Date : 29-Jul-08   03:07 AM  
Pls any one can help me.   Posted By Mr. KHAN    Date : 27-Jul-08   05:48 PM  
urin leaking & yellow color urin   Posted By aleem    Date : 26-Jul-08   06:43 AM  
How to Increase Panis length.   Posted By Raja    Date : 22-Jul-08   06:46 AM  
Over sensitivity of sexual glands   Posted By Narendra    Date : 15-Jul-08   10:07 PM  
Nil Sperm   Posted By Gulab Chand    Date : 14-Jul-08   09:21 AM  
Premature ejaculation   Posted By Narendra    Date : 14-Jul-08   12:48 PM  
Azoospermia and diabetes   Posted By Rajesh Ranjan    Date : 11-Jul-08   10:58 PM  
How to Increase Panis length.   Posted By Raja    Date : 03-Jul-08   04:08 PM  
BURNING SENSATION   Posted By M.RIYAZUDDIN    Date : 19-Jun-08   05:11 AM  
BECKER MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY   Posted By salman    Date : 10-Jun-08   12:35 AM  
Million Dollar Challenge to Allopaths   Posted By Dr. Nancy Malik    Date : 07-Jun-08   01:02 PM  
Less Sexual Drive   Posted By rio    Date : 20-May-08   03:06 AM  
Irritable Bowl Syndrome   Posted By krishnendu bagchi    Date : 16-May-08   04:45 AM  
Icomplete eriction and masterbation   Posted By sahir nameem    Date : 16-May-08   11:19 PM  
bed wetting   Posted By p.chandramohan    Date : 10-May-08   10:37 PM  
Hyperpigmentation - since age 13   Posted By shelly    Date : 08-May-08   10:04 AM  
ptosis   Posted By COOK    Date : 05-May-08   09:01 AM  
Daughter's Constipication   Posted By Piyush Shukla    Date : 01-May-08   04:59 AM  
IBS And Urine frequency   Posted By Suresh Gupta    Date : 29-Apr-08   04:51 AM  
azoosperm   Posted By J    Date : 28-Apr-08   05:33 PM  
Vaginal Cysts   Posted By ARUSHI    Date : 24-Apr-08   02:35 AM  
Prostate,Sex,Motion irregular,acid,acidity,gas,colitis,nasal blockade,,etc   Posted By Avadhesh Chandra Gupta    Date : 22-Apr-08   01:43 AM  
No Hair on hands and legs and body also.   Posted By Madhav    Date : 17-Apr-08   12:24 AM  
HOMOEOPATHY TREATMENT   Posted By Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy.BHMS,MD(Hom)    Date : 11-Apr-08   03:30 AM  
Warts in the armpit   Posted By Kapur    Date : 11-Apr-08   07:20 AM  
Height Increase   Posted By Y K Agarwal    Date : 10-Apr-08   01:03 PM  
DRY EYES   Posted By Renu    Date : 05-Apr-08   08:22 PM  
Psoriasis   Posted By sunil    Date : 03-Apr-08   12:44 PM  
case study   Posted By suman    Date : 02-Apr-08   10:56 AM  
Hepatitis B   Posted By Fatema A.C    Date : 02-Apr-08   08:10 PM  
Uterine fibroids   Posted By Anjali    Date : 27-Mar-08   05:45 AM  
Uterine fibroids   Posted By anjali    Date : 25-Mar-08   02:13 AM  
corns   Posted By Kakar    Date : 20-Mar-08   09:14 PM  
Overactive Bladder   Posted By Sethi    Date : 19-Mar-08   09:31 AM  
Uterine Fibroid Problem   Posted By Sabina    Date : 10-Mar-08   09:35 AM  
Medicine for frequent urine   Posted By Kanti Prasad Varshney    Date : 25-Feb-08   04:51 AM  
height increase   Posted By bnnv    Date : 24-Feb-08   08:32 AM  
over weight   Posted By deepti raut    Date : 19-Feb-08   04:35 PM  
Nasla   Posted By sanjeev mathur    Date : 18-Feb-08   05:54 AM  
Chronic sinutis, eustachian blaockage, right ear-jaw pain, ulcers on toungue   Posted By Sharma    Date : 16-Feb-08   11:49 AM  
ptosis & Mytocondrial cytopathi   Posted By lakshminarayana    Date : 13-Feb-08   11:49 AM  
Sexual problem   Posted By Siddhartha Bhattacharya    Date : 06-Feb-08   05:55 AM  
whole body weakness   Posted By ahmad    Date : 24-Jan-08   09:46 AM  
NeuroFibroMatosis remedies   Posted By Rahul Patel    Date : 22-Jan-08   11:18 AM  
sexual problems   Posted By Ratnesh    Date : 11-Jan-08   05:18 AM  
uric acid &sugar boundry line 109   Posted By channu ahmed barkati    Date : 11-Jan-08   06:16 AM  
Suppressed Anger Medicine & Dosage   Posted By S.N.    Date : 09-Jan-08   06:40 AM  
uric acid   Posted By mahboob    Date : 09-Jan-08   05:16 PM  
Meningomylocele   Posted By Shahwar Khan    Date : 25-Dec-07   12:28 PM  
Re : sebeacious glands-inflamation   Posted By Mohan    Date : 20-Dec-07   07:54 PM  
sebeacious glands-inflamation   Posted By mohan    Date : 14-Dec-07   01:12 AM  
Hyperpigmentaion   Posted By Superna    Date : 05-Dec-07   07:43 AM  
STABLE VITILIGO - 7 Years   Posted By ANSHU    Date : 03-Dec-07   02:45 AM  
ptosis   Posted By dd    Date : 29-Nov-07   07:21 AM  
acute sinus infections   Posted By rehana    Date : 29-Nov-07   09:41 AM  
Congenital medium Ptosis   Posted By S Dhakate    Date : 12-Nov-07   10:04 AM  
pain in lumber region   Posted By Sailen Guin    Date : 08-Nov-07   04:03 AM  
hyperpigmentation treatment   Posted By neetu    Date : 05-Nov-07   08:45 AM  
frequent urination problem   Posted By P.Chenna    Date : 25-Oct-07   10:03 PM  
Hyperpigmentation All over body   Posted By ratna    Date : 24-Oct-07   02:36 AM  
drooping eyelid   Posted By sheetal    Date : 24-Oct-07   07:50 AM  
homeopathic treatment for limb girdle muscular dystrophy   Posted By Sudha Bajaj    Date : 20-Oct-07   11:54 PM  
PANIS NOT HARD   Posted By Bunty    Date : 17-Oct-07   01:51 PM  
Psorasis   Posted By Praharju    Date : 14-Oct-07   11:34 PM  
Snooring   Posted By Mahesh Sikhram    Date : 14-Oct-07   11:40 PM  
sinusitis with stomoch burning upto Necks   Posted By khatib ur Rahman    Date : 13-Oct-07   01:57 PM  
Sexual Problem   Posted By Prasant    Date : 11-Oct-07   09:15 AM  
Sex issue   Posted By Ahmad Farrukh    Date : 28-Sep-07   12:56 AM  
Anal Fistula - homeopathy treatment   Posted By Praharju    Date : 20-Sep-07   05:54 AM  
Itching and forming of scales on the scalp   Posted By Rajashakar    Date : 13-Sep-07   02:46 AM  
Bed wetting   Posted By Setu Shah    Date : 13-Sep-07   10:30 AM  
eye and body problem   Posted By amiri    Date : 30-Aug-07   12:18 PM  
child height problem   Posted By Rahul    Date : 20-Aug-07   02:13 AM  
infertility   Posted By charbak roy    Date : 19-Aug-07   04:37 AM  
lichenplanus in tongue   Posted By ashit ranjan    Date : 02-Aug-07   06:34 AM  
drooping eyelid   Posted By neelu    Date : 24-Jul-07   07:06 AM  
Uric Acid   Posted By mahboob    Date : 17-Jul-07   01:14 AM  
myasthenia gravis   Posted By amiri    Date : 17-Jul-07   04:44 AM  
fat clot in the body   Posted By sujeet    Date : 14-Jul-07   04:03 AM  
fat clotting   Posted By sujeet    Date : 14-Jul-07   04:20 AM  
Premature Ejaculation & Excessive wet dreams   Posted By Abdullah Saleh    Date : 14-Jul-07   11:28 PM  
clotting of fat   Posted By sujeet kumar    Date : 08-Jul-07   05:26 AM  
Severe pain in (right) hip & thighs   Posted By Arvind    Date : 08-Jul-07   09:39 PM  
sex & syanx problem   Posted By RAJA    Date : 05-Jul-07   06:16 PM  
Synax & Sex Problem   Posted By RAJA    Date : 02-Jul-07   11:00 PM  
ptosis in 1 month old baby   Posted By Jacquelyn Lui    Date : 02-Jul-07   08:49 AM  
Panis Length Problem   Posted By Mr. KHAN    Date : 01-Jul-07   04:14 PM  
suggetion & medicene   Posted By sujeet    Date : 01-Jul-07   10:33 AM  
ptosis in 1 month old baby   Posted By Jacquelyn Lui    Date : 30-Jun-07   02:08 AM  
eye problem   Posted By rekhs    Date : 20-Jun-07   04:59 AM  
Sex problem   Posted By Anamitra chakraborty    Date : 12-Jun-07   10:38 AM  
Bed wetting   Posted By mihir    Date : 29-May-07   07:58 AM  
Frequent urination   Posted By chandramohan    Date : 29-May-07   07:50 AM  
discussing about frequent urination   Posted By R.s.venkatkrisna    Date : 04-May-07   08:36 AM  
HELP DR. IN UNDERSTANDING   Posted By Mr. KHAN    Date : 02-May-07   12:12 PM  
Uterine fibroids   Posted By Navid Anwar    Date : 02-May-07   01:45 PM  
weight loss   Posted By disha    Date : 30-Apr-07   01:50 AM  
eye problem   Posted By geeta    Date : 25-Apr-07   02:21 AM  
sexual plesure   Posted By praveen    Date : 21-Apr-07   02:34 AM  
HELP DR. Sex & Synas problem   Posted By Mr. KHAN    Date : 07-Apr-07   07:38 AM  
sagging eyelid problem( right eye)   Posted By annu    Date : 06-Apr-07   06:12 AM  
sex &synas problem   Posted By OSAMA    Date : 26-Mar-07   06:00 AM  
penis problem   Posted By L.C.PAL    Date : 24-Mar-07   12:14 AM  
Homoeopathy - Abroad   Posted By Dr.S.Malathy B.H.M.S    Date : 23-Mar-07   03:04 AM  
Rheumatic Heart, Stenosis   Posted By alaishya hood    Date : 13-Mar-07   12:41 PM  
I need help AGAIN PLEASE   Posted By Osama    Date : 13-Mar-07   04:08 PM  
obesity in children   Posted By Dr. Bellamkonda Nageswara Rao    Date : 06-Mar-07   12:59 PM  
I need help.   Posted By Osama    Date : 22-Feb-07   01:35 AM  
Ptosis   Posted By Mustafa    Date : 15-Feb-07   04:04 AM  
Help me pls   Posted By Osama    Date : 12-Feb-07   03:03 PM  
CTF (Renal failures   Posted By H.Dr.Ijaz Hussain    Date : 08-Feb-07   01:06 AM  
ptosis   Posted By flower    Date : 31-Jan-07   05:19 AM  
reflux   Posted By jilly    Date : 29-Jan-07   10:05 AM  
fungal infection at the junction of foreskin and penis   Posted By mathew    Date : 27-Jan-07   02:39 PM  
sexual problem   Posted By raheel    Date : 23-Jan-07   07:43 AM  
Hair Fall   Posted By Arvind    Date : 14-Jan-07   08:43 PM  
eye problem   Posted By neena    Date : 13-Jan-07   05:33 AM  
Role of homoeopathy in neurodegenerative diseases   Posted By Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy    Date : 02-Jan-07   12:01 PM  
Ptosis with jaw winking in 4.5 mth old   Posted By aditya das    Date : 25-Dec-06   12:07 PM  
Homeopathic Cure to Uterine Fibroid and Ovarian Cyst   Posted By Dr.Sharad Shangloo    Date : 25-Dec-06   11:47 PM  
Drooping eyelid   Posted By neena    Date : 20-Dec-06   01:23 AM  
urination problems after prostate sugery   Posted By Chandramohan    Date : 16-Dec-06   11:05 PM  
frequent urination   Posted By c.mohan    Date : 12-Dec-06   12:39 AM  
meningomylocele   Posted By Shivadas Menon    Date : 11-Dec-06   04:01 AM  
nagging problem   Posted By L.kumar    Date : 11-Dec-06   11:40 PM  
drooping right eye lid   Posted By flower    Date : 09-Nov-06   02:33 AM  
marcus gunn jaw winking ptosis   Posted By puneet kansal    Date : 04-Nov-06   09:06 AM  
Infirtility   Posted By kulfi    Date : 28-Oct-06   07:52 AM  
stones in stomach   Posted By RAJIV JAIN    Date : 22-Oct-06   09:38 AM  
Anemia   Posted By Pallavi    Date : 15-Sep-06   06:13 AM  
ptosis with jaw winking in new born   Posted By aditya das    Date : 30-Aug-06   11:59 AM  
ptosis with marcus gunn   Posted By Aditya das    Date : 29-Aug-06   07:50 AM  
boils like eruptions in childrens legs and hands in rainy season   Posted By Mathew Abraham    Date : 30-Jul-06   12:47 PM  
Premature Ejactulation   Posted By Sunil    Date : 26-Jul-06   09:50 AM  
Is there any treatment for myotonia in homeopathy   Posted By Nishant    Date : 13-Jul-06   06:31 AM  
ptosis   Posted By neeraj chaudhary    Date : 01-Jul-06   01:27 PM  
fresh blood in stool   Posted By jacob    Date : 29-Jun-06   02:04 PM  
congential ptosis   Posted By ramakanth    Date : 28-Jun-06   05:12 AM  
Ptosis   Posted By Albert Antar    Date : 11-Jun-06   04:11 PM  
kidney stones   Posted By rajanikanth    Date : 01-Jun-06   05:36 AM  
acute pain related to constipation   Posted By s. kumar    Date : 23-May-06   09:35 AM  
Rheumatoid Arthritis   Posted By LARRY    Date : 16-May-06   01:45 PM  
sexual problem   Posted By kaka    Date : 13-May-06   02:45 PM  
Premature Ejactulation   Posted By mahboob elahi    Date : 03-May-06   05:16 PM  
pus formation on operation wound of curcumsission of penis   Posted By abby    Date : 23-Apr-06   12:29 PM  
pimples inside the eye lids   Posted By mathew    Date : 03-Apr-06   02:11 PM  
Duchenne muscular dystrophy(DMD)   Posted By Ch. M. Zulfiqar    Date : 31-Mar-06   04:57 AM  
Pigmentation   Posted By Mohini    Date : 31-Mar-06   08:08 PM  
Rheumatoid Arthritis   Posted By Larry    Date : 30-Mar-06   10:30 PM  
warts problem on my face   Posted By Muhammad Tauqeer    Date : 29-Mar-06   05:05 AM  
Premature Ejaculation   Posted By mahboob elahi    Date : 29-Mar-06   07:41 AM  
Ptosis   Posted By Sandeep Kumar Singla    Date : 28-Mar-06   11:07 PM  
Athiritis /OA (?)   Posted By Capt S Singh    Date : 26-Mar-06   11:04 AM  
an interesting Observation!!!   Posted By Dr. Anamika Das    Date : 20-Mar-06   04:54 AM  
stones in kidneys   Posted By chenna    Date : 17-Mar-06   09:55 PM  
Acute Renal Failure   Posted By Dr.Munish Malik    Date : 09-Mar-06   07:22 AM  
rheumatism   Posted By dr rahil daire    Date : 03-Mar-06   12:10 PM  
Prostate problem   Posted By p.chandramohan    Date : 29-Jan-06   09:28 AM  
  Posted By DR. R. Y. JALALI, Ph.D, D.Sc    Date : 22-Jan-06   06:22 AM  
wart like things on the back of neck since @ 3 months   Posted By AbbyMathews    Date : 20-Jan-06   01:21 PM  
arthiritis & acidity   Posted By Namrata Mohan    Date : 07-Nov-05   01:02 PM  
Role of Homoeopathy in paralysis resulted from cerebral stroke   Posted By Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy    Date : 28-Oct-05   05:54 AM  
acidity   Posted By Ravi Jain    Date : 26-Oct-05   05:38 AM  
meningomylocele patient   Posted By Vinayak Patil    Date : 29-Aug-05   12:50 AM  
stomach burning   Posted By sreenivasa prasd    Date : 29-Apr-05   08:14 AM  
Schizopherahia   Posted By nadeem    Date : 04-Jun-03   06:30 PM  
epilepsy   Posted By psd    Date : 31-May-03   05:04 PM  
mode of action of homoe pathic drugs   Posted By Dr Tahir    Date : 09-Feb-02   04:44 PM  

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