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I wnt to know about the carrier prospects in Hospital Administration junior/middle level Mangement in aborad.Am I be fot into that catagory .Pl refer my Cv in your web.

And also tell me what are they looking for....

Dear Sir, I would like to know the details about the course of "Hosptial Administration" . I would like to take an admission to this particular course.

Hello, I have a problem of inverted nipple.I got plastic surgery but now my nipple remains out but the aereola is now getting pulled from inside.I don't know the reason of this pulling . But if u know the ans. or the medicine to stop this pulling from inside ,I will be greatful to u sir. Thanks,Please reply asap.

What is mycosis fungoides?

What is Hernia? Why it is caused?.Is surgery the only remedy?

What is Angio Plasty?

I want to know about tuberculosis

I am 16. Can your team give some basic concepts of Family life primarily directed to girl students of my age?

I am very obese. Kindly tell me the bad effects of obesity & can you provide some tips to reduce weight.

can you tell in details about bronchiectasis,it's proper managment & treatment.

Can you please tell us how much does following procedures cost approximately? ejaculatory duct aspiration intrauterine insemination testicular biopsy IVF.

Could you just throw some light on the preventive aspects of Allergic Respiratory Disorders with special reference to Yoga and other exercises. Thank You.

Tell me something about MACULAR DEGENERATION

I wish to know about surgery of Liposuction for reshaping of the breasts by removing the fat & the average expenses involved.

do you have information about asbestos and lead poisoning?

I have frequent headaches. Can you highlight some of the important causes?

Can you tell us something about Contact lenses?

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