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Dr.O.P..Sharma, M.S.,FIAMS , is a renowned Consultant Ophthalmologist, formerly practising at  Chandigarh, India.

He served the two premier institutes of the country i.e. All India Institute of Medical sciences, New Delhi & Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research ,Chandigarh.

Dr.O.P.Sharma has a wide experience in his speciality but besides Ophthalmology,his major interest has been "Computers in Medicine" & "Internet". He has held a number of workshops around the country to make Co-professionals aware of the latest advancements in Information Technology. He has many webservers on the web, but the most important & the one that attracts medical professionals the maximum, is India's premier medical website indmedica.  Eye Banking, Conferences in India, Medical Journals of all specialities,Discussion forums, BBS are very nicely highlighted. He was also the first one to host the website of
India's biggest Medical Organisation- Indian Medical Association, Urological Society of India & All India Ophthalmological Society.

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