Some of our eye donors..........

Master Gaurav Chuttani

A class x Student in the Govt. Model Senior Secondary school, Sector 40, Chandigarh belonged to a middle class family. He had achieved excellent grades in his studies. Gaurav, an ambitious boy, had pledged his eyes to the Eye Bank, PGI at the age of 12. Young and promising Gaurav expired in a tragic road accident on the modning of 5th April, 1997. Mr. O.P. Chuttani, his father though being in utter shock and dazed condition, emboldened himself to contact the eye bank, PGI. The eye bank staff lost no time to go to Mr. Chuttani's residence to take eyes to fulfil the wish of his son. The same evening, two patients got their sight due to cavalier effort on the part of the family of Master Gaurav. Chuttani family touched the heart of the city and captured attention of many on donating eyes of their 16 year old son. For patients who were wating for corneal transplant, the family decision was a gift od soght. For the friends and all of us, this is a moving testimonial of the power to transform tragedy onto generosity of human spirit. Master Gaurav is with us to enlighten many. Let us pledge our eyes to help the blind to see.

Mr. Pawan Gupta
was a great soul possessing pleasing personality. He was 24 years old and was employed with M/S/ Kores India Ltd. as Territpry Manager. He was very much devoted to his elders particularly, he had all regards for his mother. A few months before his death, he along with his friend told his father that he had donated his eyes and further suggested that all the family members should follow suit. His father commented "I shall leave the world first and you will have full right even to donate my whole body" Almighty had already planned to pluck this finest flower. He was born on 11th April, 1968 when it was Buddha Jayanti and met with an accident on 21st May and died on 27th May, 1997. On his death, his friend Mr. Ajay Mirchandani reminded his father "Uncle Pawan had donated his eyes" His father immediately approached the eye department PGI and donated eyes of Mr. Pawan Gupta to fulfill his wishes. Efforts made by Mr. BK Gupta (Father) and Mr. Ajay Mirchandani (Friend) is a moving testimonial, a lesson to all of us. The only need is that many more should come forward and pledge for eye donation.

Mrs. Kanwal Vij
Hony. Secy of Indian Red Cross society (Hospital Welfare Section) Punjab State Branch was also active member of various organisations as Blind School, Child Welfare Council and the Eye Bank Society Chandigarh. She received various awards dedication in the field of Social Service.
With great enthusiasm on the 17th May, 1994, She attended the executive committee meeting of eye bank society Chandigarh. After the meeting, she bid a goodbye to the other members and walked down. She felt uneasy and fell unconscious. She suffered a major attack of IHD. Despite the fact that the doctors had put in their best, at 7.30pm, she was declared no more. As desired by her, her eyes were donated and successfully used. She will continue to be with us in the form of her eyes. She was a lady with sparkles of stars in her heart, which radiated wisdom and compassion. Such a light also dawned in the life of a blind whose body accepted her eyes.

Some more eye donors

Mrs. Abnash Kaur

Dr. Baldev Raj Marwah

Mr. Mansa Ram

Mr. Narayan Das

Mr. Ravinder Joshi

Mrs. Padma Tyagi

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