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Medico-Legal Update

Vol. 7, No. 3 (2007-07 - 2007-09)


  1. Editorial
  2. Self-Inflicted Wounds in Ophthalmology
    Rathi M., (Dhull C.S., Dhattarwal S.K., Sachdeva S., Mam A.
  3. Need of Clinical Forensic Medicine in trauma Care
    Shilekh Mittal, Sonia Garg, Moneeshindra Singh Mittal
  4. Medical Boards in Hospitals - A necessary evil
    Nirupam Madaan
  5. Implications of the Anomie and Sub-Cultural Theories of Deviance in Criminology
    Vasudeva Vikrant Narayan
  6. Facio-Oculo-Orbital Firearm Injuries
    Rathi.M, Sachdeva.S, Dhull.C.S, Dhattarwal S.K, Gupta SR, Mam A.
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