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Medico-Legal Update

Vol. 6, No. 1 (2006-01 - 2006-03)


  1. Editorial
  2. Forensic Odontology - A New Perspective
    Shamim T, Ipe Varughese. V, Shameena PM, Sudha S
  3. Reliability of Postmortem Lividity as an indicator of Time Since Death in Cold Stored Bodies
    Yadav BN
  4. Scenario of Road Traffic Injuries, Legal Issues and Insurance in Nepal
    Yadav BN
  5. Sociodemographic Profile of Substance Abusers Attending A De-Addiction Centre in Ghaziabad
    Singh Brijender, Singh Vijender, Vij Aarti
  6. Alcohol-Related Traumatic Deaths in Transkei Region, South Africa
    Meel B L
  7. Notes and News
  8. Determination of Lead in Forensic Samples By Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    Jaiswal A.K., Moon D.V., Moharana M. and Gupta M.
  9. Testicular Feminization Syndromme - A Case Report
    Gupta Saibal, Roychowdhury Uday Basu, Deb Prabir Kr., Roy Debabrata, Chhetri Dibyakar, Moitra Rumi
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