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Medico-Legal Update

Vol. 5, No. 2 (2005-04 - 2005-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. Review Of Management Of Common Poisoning In India
    Kumar Rahat, Singh Baljit, Singh Narinder And Singh Jaswinder
  3. Profile of Drowning Deaths in Mangalore, a Coastal City of Karnataka
    Shetty Mahabalesh
  4. Eye is the Spy of Forensic Medicin
    A. Behera, S. Das, G. S. Das
  5. Abuse of Police Power and Custodial Deaths Concerns Apex Court
    Bhardwaj DN,
  6. A Study of Pattern and Injury Severity Score in Blunt Thoraco-abdominal Trauma cases in Manipal
    Meera Th., Nabachandra H.
  7. Traumatic Dislocation of Implanted Joint
    Gorea R K, Garg Anil, Aggarwal A D
  8. Notes and News
  9. Spectrum of Organophoshorous Poisoning in Manipal
    alimar Vikram MD, Arun M MD, DNB, Saralaya K M MD, DFM, Singh Bhoopendra MSc, PhD
  10. Legal Aspects of Patient Care
    Dr. R.K. Sharma
  11. Marvelous Tools of Identification-Bite Marks
    Gorea R K, Jha M, Jasuja O P, Vasudeva K, Aggarwal A D
  12. Book Review
  13. Instructions to Authors
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