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Medico-Legal Update

Vol. 4, No. 4 (2004-10 - 2004-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Pattern and distribution of fatal injuries in road traffic accidents in Haryana
    Dhattarwal S.K., Rathee S.K., Singh Harnam
  3. Embryonics Stem Cells Hold the key to deadly Diseases
    Bhardwaj D N
  4. Trauma and Subsequent Malignant Disease
    Mathur P N*, Gahlot R. K.**, Kochar S. R.***, Saini O.P.****, Punia D.P.*****
  5. Study of deficiencies in pesticides spraying & safety equipment in rural India
    Bhardwaj D.N.*, Dogra TD**, Singh B***, Reddiah VP****, Kulshrestha S*****
  6. Evidence of Tooth in Sex Determination
    1Rai Balwant (S.Sct.), B.D.S. Final Year, 1Narula S.C.*, Madan Manish**, Ex Lecturer1, Dhatarwal S.K.***, Assoc. Professor2
  7. Age Estimation from the Root Development of Mandibular Third Molars
    Bhat Vrinda J*, Kamath Giridhar**
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