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Medico-Legal Update

Vol. 8, No. 1 (2008-01 - 2008-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. The Myths of Hippocratic Oath
    Shilekh Mittal, Sonia Mittal, Moneeshindra Singh Mittal, Adarsh Kumar
  3. Sex Determination from Tooth
    Balwant Rai, S.K. Dhattarwal, S.C. Anand
  4. Extreme Cases of Child Abuse by Parents, A Report on a Series of 4 Different Cases
    Th. Meera Devi
  5. Parasuicide: A Forensic Viewpoint
    Arun M, Vikram Palimar
  6. Medicolegal Evaluation of Sex Assault Cases Admitted at Sardar Patel Medical College & P.B.M. Hospital, Bikaner, India
    Rahul Jain, P N. Mathur, N.S. Kothari, Phulvanti Mathur
  7. Misinterpretation of An Autopsy Surgeon due to Unusual Transportation of The Medico-Legal Cases
    S.C. Sarkar, R.K. Das
  8. Detection of Cefadroxil by Thin Layer Chromatography Technique
    V. Dhingra, J. Pandey
  9. Victimiologic Study of Female Suicide
    Geeta Sahu, Sachidananda Mohanty, Chandra Sekhar Tripathy, Manju Patnaik
  10. Call For Subscriptions
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