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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Book Review: Textbook of Histology

Author(s): Editors

Vol. 53, No. 2 (2004-07 - 2004-12)

Paras Medical Publishers, Hyderabad - 500095

This 272 page book introduced by the author is a well written book on histology. The clinical part is written very well and it is the soul of the book. The book is presented in two different parts. The main text contains basic concepts and essential facts which every graduate student must know. The second part contains further details on the subject which are written very well, that is optional for average undergraduates but important for postgraduates and students preparing for the PG entrance test. To make the subject interesting, relevant clinical conditionis are presented in simple language under the heading "clinical application".

All the chapters are well written with utmost clarity which gives sound knowlege of histology and at the end of most of the chapters at attempt has been made to provide a few hints to the students for identification of the slides.

The book is well illustrated. All of the diagrams are simple and clearly drawn, with the aim that students should not have any difficulty in reproducing them. For the comprehensive understanding of the histological structure of the tissue or organ, the colour diagrams, at most places, are preceded by the line diagrams of the same tissue or organ. The legend and labelling of diagrams are such that they help in understanding the text easily.

It is to appreciate the author for giving a new look to histological structures and correlate its function without going into extraneous details.

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