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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Book Review

Author(s): Editors

Vol. 51, No. 1 (2002-01 - 2002-06)

Wolf - Heidegger's 'ATLAS OF HUMAN ANATOMY'. Edited by Patra Kopf Maier, 5th revised edition, Volume 1 (pp. XVII : 319) and volume II (pp XV + 447), Basel : S. Kargar, 2000.

It is my great pleasure to go through the revised edition of 'ATLAS OF HUMAN ANATOMY' published in two volumes. This atlas has internationally accepted, "Terminologica Anatomica, 1998." The main aim of author is to give a true picture, as far as possible, of the macroscopic anatomy. This has been achieved by giving reduction from actual size, including biological variations in body size with each plate. This book will help the students (medical and Dental) to have better understanding and imagine the true picture in living adults. All the clinicians must have a sound knowledge of the normal relative positions of the structures before they interpret their variations in diseases by using imaging techniques. Keeping this in view, author has included about 2301 new anatomical drawings ; 200 Computed tomograms, Magnatic resonance images, ultrasonograms and X-ray plates; few Arteriorgrams, Corrosion casts and Anatomical sections. For better understanding of CT's and MRI's, anatomical sections are given alongwith them.

Diagrams in the atlas are beautifully produced depicting the superimposed structures by different colours which will emphasize the students to use proper colours in reproducing the diagrams in their practical note book. Muscular attachments on bones are shown with different colours according to their innervation, which will help the students to memorise attachment and their innervation easily.

I appreciate the efforts of the author to appease the curiosity of the students and clinicians alike as far as macroscopic anatomy is concerned.

Longia G.S.

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