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Author(s): IJCM Staff

Vol. 32, No. 1 (2007-01 - 2007-03)

IAPSM State Chapter Conferences

10th North Zone Annual Conference was held on 16-17 December 2006 at Hotel Holiday Home, Shimla. Around 150 delegates attended the conference. Dr. D.R. Gaur and Dr. Bhupinder Singh were elected as President and Secretary respectively.

West Bengal IAPSM Chapter Annual Conference was held on 14th January 2006 at Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata. Dr. Ramendra Narayan Choudhury and Dr. Nirmal Kumar Mandal were elected as President and Secretary respectively.

IAPSM Orissa Chapter Annual Conference was held on 13-14 January 2007 at Hotel Marrion, organized by the Department of Community Medicine, S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack. Dr. B. Mohapatra was elected as the President of IAPSM, Orissa State Branch.

Forthcoming Events

10th IAPSM Rajasthan Chapter Conference will be held on 17-18 February 2007 at SIHFW, Jaipur. Full Scientifi c paper may be submitted at email:[email protected] by 31.1. 2007.

34th IAPSM National Conference will be held at All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi on 22-24 February 2007.

IAPSM Youth Committee will organize the National Quiz Competition for postgraduate students, during 34th IAPSM National Conference at AIIMS, New Delhi. Interested candidates may individually register and contact at mail: [email protected] Details are available at IAPSM Youth Committee webpage: com/group/iapsm_youthmembers.

4th Nation-wide Essay Contest on Urban Health will be conducted by Urban Health Resource Centre in collaboration with IAPSM on the theme “How to effectively partner with the private sector for improving the health of the urban poor”. The last date for submission is on 10th January 2007. Entries should be send to e-mail : [email protected]


Prof. Satyabrata Kar, born on 5.9.1930, left for his heavenly abode on 15.5.2006. May his soul rest in peace. He graduated from SCB Medical College in 1953 did Master of Public Health (MPH) from Harvard University, USA in 1961. He served as professor of SPM at SCB Medical College, MKCG Medical College and VSS Medical College, where he served as Superintendent and Principal as well. Prof. Raghunath Nayak , born at Pratappur, Ganjam in 1932, left for his heavenly abode on 3.11.2006. May his soul rest in peace. He graduated from SCB Medical College, did his fellowship in London in 1971. He worked as Professor of PSM at VSS Medical College and MKCG Medical College. He was a good orator and excellent teacher. He was past president of Indian Medical Association, Orissa in 2002.


Community Medicine gets Recognition in Jammu & Kashmir. In a signifi cant notifi cation under SRO 260, dated 14-8-2006, Government of Jammu & Kashmir has placed specialist of Community Medicine at par with other specialist from Grade A and Grade B post. Former will be fi lled on promotion, where as for later, Postgraduate in Community Medicine with two years experience and Postgraduate Diploma holder will be eligible for 100% direct recruitment.

Family Security Scheme of Tamil Nadu, Indian Medical Association, was launched to provide security to families of doctors who die. More than 5000 members have joined this scheme. The initial membership fee is Rs. 3500/-plus fraternity death contribution amount of Rs. 3000 to contribute Rs. 200 for each death of a member doctor. The amount paid to the nominee is Rs ten lakhs (Rs. 200 each x 5000 members =Rs. ten lakhs).

IAPSM Gujarat Chapter released a compedium of literature on life-style related diseases, prevention and health promotion.

State wise Maternal Mortality Ratio estimated for 2001-2003 are now available at website:

Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) in India by states from 2001-2003 special survey of deaths using RHIME

  MMR 95% CI
Assam 490 393-588
Bihar / Jharkhand 371 313-430
Madhya Pradesh/ Chatisgarh 379 306-452
Orissa 358 277-439
Rajasthan 445 371-519
Uttar Pradesh /Uttaranchal 517 461-573
Andra Pradesh 195 132-257
Karnataka 228 169-287
Kerela 110 59-161
Tamil Nadu 134 83-185
Gujarat 172 116-228
Haryana 162 102-223
Maharashtra 149 97-201
Punjab 178 100-257
West Bengal 194 144-243
India 301 285-317

Source: Sample Registration System, Maternal mortality in India 1997- 2003, Trends, Cause and Risk Factors. Offi ce of the Registrar General, India, in Collaboration with Centre for Global Health Research, University of Toronto, Canada. 2/A, Man Singh Road, New Delhi, October 2006.

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