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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Book Review

Author(s): Dr. A J Singh

Vol. 31, No. 4 (2006-10 - 2006-12)

SIHFW Rajasthan, TRS No. 1-10, 2005 (Price not mentioned)
This set of Technical Report Series of State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Rajasthan is a welcome step in documenting and streamlining of various aspects of health, disease and health care in the states. These are offi cial publications of SIHFW. Other states in India may also emulate this endeavour (if not done already). Following are my observations on individual TRSTRS 01 Intersectoral coordination for Health and Development (TP Jain)
Mercifully this TRS has Rajasthan specific experiences. The narrative is good. In next edition one would expect more examples and the lessons drawn.

TRS 02 Medical Education (LK Kothari).
This text makes good reading. However, it does not give any future directions specifi cally to Rajasthan. It is a general document.

TRS 03 Medical Education (SC Mathur)
P1-24 are general comments and recommendations not specifi c to Rajasthan. Only P 25 deals with it. However, even this has not been discussed at length (which was desirable) eg what are future health manpower needs of the state (what about updating of council data?). It has too many references, which are not quoted in the text.

TRS 04 Woman and Health (should it be ‘women’) (P.Mathur and S.Agarwal)
It does not constitute a good reading and looks like an essay. Tables, diagrams, conceptual frameworks would have been welcome. Rajasthan specifi c data is missing eg on women literacy, lady doctors etc.

P.1 What is 30% criteria vis-a-vis fudged report?

P.2 Readers may not be aware of what is Jalore model (line 1)

P.3 Only assumption on MMR and CBR, why not give available data?
No specifi c details are there on role of Rajasthani Culture and Status of women

TRS 05 Financial Management is Health Sector (RK Sharma)
This document seems to be OK but still it fails to elaborate Rajasthan specifi c schemes and data eg what specifi c achievements were there in Rajasthan due to special fi nancial arrangements. Some case studies on specifi c good and bad fi nancial management experiences would have been better.

TRS 06 Tuberculosis in Rajasthan (RS Sisodiya and DK Jain)
P.1 TB in Rajasthan subheading fails to give absolute no. of TB cases in Rajasthan (or the rates either). P1-17 have just reproduced RNTCP. Only P.18-19 specifi cally tell about Rajasthan. More specifi c epidemiological and district wise data would have been better.

TRS 07 Malaria in Rajasthan (S.Bhatnagar)
Under subheading `clinical diagnosis’ (P.4) no text is there. P.5 It is not clear if RDTs are available in Rajasthan. The expressions `Should be’ need to be replaced in the text with factual situation of each item. Tables are not numbered (P.1-9) Table-1 given on P.10? Theoretical description and recommendations are given. FOCUS should be on what is HAPPENING in RAJASTHAN e.g instead of giving general climatic factors the readers would have liked correlation between climate in different parts of Rajasthan, vector species and malaria incidence. Proper labeling of Annex. A and B is lacking.. (mention Rajasthan)

TRS-08 Health and Culture (BK Kothari and L.K. Kothari)
The idea of giving a box item on p.1 is good. Personally, I would have liked a Rajasthan wisdom in this box rather than a borrowed African one. This TRS mercifully has some Rajasthan specifi c references. But the culture of Rajasthan is so RICH, that one would have liked more of local examples relating culture to health eg. How do Rajasthanis deal with illness and injury’?.Which diseases are specially prevalent in Rajasthan due to its culture?. Table on p.12 -30% male 70% female sterilization appears to be an incorrect data. This TRS has a merit of having references.

TRS 09 Prajanana aivam baal swasthya (Pariyojna-Dwitiya,
(Hindi) by SC Mathur
Sadly, this nine-page document devotes only one para on RCHII. Even that fails to give specifi c RCH-II program inputs. As is the case with other TRS this one also fails to give anything specifi c to Rajasthan.

TRS 10 Safe motherhood in Rajasthan (AS Dua)
This booklet thankfully starts directly with Rajasthan specifi c data on villages etc. Table and diagrams are numbered (but many are from other countries). Lessons and experiences are also described. References are there but all are not quoted in the text. On the whole in next edition the readers would like that the TRS really look like TECHNICAL REPORTS specifi c to RAJASTHAN. Copying from national documents does not add to quality of TRS. These should elaborate on what is happening in Rajasthan i.e. Critical review of success and failures with their scientifi c, management and epidemiological bases.

Printing is single space. It may be made 1 or double space. Graph and print quality may be improved further. The get up may be changed to make the reports more colorful. Front and back inside cover pages blanks may be fi lled. Each TRS may have differently styled subject specifi c cover page. References may be added. Writing style, subheading system, proof reading and quality of text needs further improvement.

Dr. A J Singh, Professor
Deptt. of Community Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh
E-mail: [email protected]
Received: 08.12.2005

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