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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Book Review

Author(s): JP Gupta, AK Sood

Vol. 31, No. 4 (2006-10 - 2006-12)

Contemporary Public Health – Policy, Planning and Management
by JP Gupta and AK Sood
(Apothecaries Foundation, New Delhi, 2005; Price 1800)

The book under review fulfills an essential need by bringing together at one place the relevant diverse and complex material for training and reference for a public health professional. Even though twenty eminent experts from Public Health and related disciplines have contributed to this comprehensive text, the editors have succeeded in keeping uniformity of the format, and the book represents a definite entity discussing many aspects of the subject in a thoughtprovoking manner.

This 11-chapter book is ‘heavy’, both in weight and certainly in the scope of its content and the basis for learning public health from a national and international perspective. A welcome feature in the present book is the extensive description of tools, techniques and methods; statistical, epidemiological, behavioral, management and economics presented in a concise fashion with apt examples to facilitate ease in understanding the concepts and applications. Health Statistics, Indicators and Graphics are presented again with a lucid text with appropriate illustrations. A Glossary on Health and Development is a valuable addition as a reference. The editors must be complemented for making a clear, consistent an deasy-to-read book that is very comprehensive in scale. Areas like epidemiology and health programme management are well covered and with scholarly descriptions and discussion of the current scenario along with suggestions for health policies and action.

This book is an essential reference resource. Being not merely a book of facts, but a guide to practical methods, it would help the reader address public health issues more quickly, thoroughly and systematically. Throughout the book, illustrations, case studies and numerous practical examples are used judiciously to explore problems and guide towards solutions and stragies. Whether the reader is a student, practitioner, or teacher, this book outlines the essential steps to survive in the complex and evolving field of public health.

This important book would serve as a valuable reference for libraries in medical/public health/management training or research institutions; health directorates at central and state levels; policy makers, health administrators, researchers, programme officers, district health officers, and other public health specialists; I highly recommend it for current or future public health practitioners and for those who wish to know more about the application of public health methods to emergent public health challenges.

Dr Shiv Lal
Additional Director General of Health Services, Govt. of India &
Director, National Institute of Communicable Diseases, New Delhi

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