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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Prevalence of Drug Abuse Among Male Youth in Tirupati, A.P.

Author(s): C. Kumar, G. R. Prabhu

Vol. 31, No. 4 (2006-10 - 2006-12)

C. Kumar, G. R. Prabhu


The epidemic of substance abuse especially in younger generation has assumed alarming dimensions in India. Changing cultural values, increasing economic stress and dwindling supportive bonds are leading to initiation into drug use among male youth. In this context, the present study was taken up to find the prevalence of drug abuse among male youth and the factors influencing it.

Material and Methods

This cross sectional, descriptive study was conducted in the urban area of Tirupati town among 600 male youth aged 15- 24 years. The study subjects were chosen using 20 cluster sampling technique. The current use of the drug was defined as the use within the past one month.

Results and Discussion

The current use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis were found to be 12.7%, 5.3% and 0.2% respectively. A high prevalence of tobacco use (39.5%) was reported in medical students of CMC, Vellore1 while a high prevalence of cannabis use was found in college students in Varanasi2. The mode of consumption of tobacco in the current study was mostly in the form of smoking (85.5%) and most of them (61.5%) were smoking 6-10 cigarettes per day while among tobacco chewers, most of them were taking 1-5 packets per day. The duration of tobacco use ranged mostly around 2-5 years (52.6%) (Table I). Most of the alcohol users were taking alcohol weekly and 50% of them were taking 21-50 ml of actual alcohol each time (Table II). zlence of drug use was found to be highest in scheduled caste/tribe (21.1%) and self employed (47.4%). The main sources of initiation to drug use were peers (84.0%) and self (13.1 %). Similar results were found in Aurangabad study3 and in a study among internees in Chennai4. It was also found that 33.7% had strong desire to use drug, 11.6% experienced physical problems and in 5.8% subjects the quantity of drug use has increased over the years.

Table I: Details of Current Use of Tobacco (n = 76)

Details of use Number of subjects (%)
Mode of cosumption
Smoking 65/76 (85.5)
Oral 18/76 (24.5)
Quantity per day
Smoking (number of cigarattes)
1-5 25/65 (38.5)
6-10 40/65 (61.5)
Oral (number of packets)
1-5 16/18 (88.9)
6-10 2/18 (11.1)
Duration of use (years)
< 2 10/76 (13.2)
2-5 40/76 (52.6)
> 5 32/76 (42.1)

Table II: Details of Current Use of Alcohol (n = 32)

Details of use Number of subjects (%)
Monthly 10 (31.2)
Weekly 20 (62.5)
Daily 2 (6.3)
Quantity each time* (actual alcohol intake in ml)
< 20 1 (3.1)
21-50 16 (50.0)
51 & above 15 (46.9)
Duration of use (years)
> 2 9 (28.1)
2-5 15 (46.9)
> 5 8 (25.0)


Significant number of young men are resorting to drug use under the influence of their peers. Teachers and parents have to continuously monitor the youth to take necessary measures.


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Dept. of Community Medicine, S.V. Medical College, Tirupati, A.P
Received: 18.8.04

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