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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Book Review

Author(s): Dr. Surya Bali

Vol. 31, No. 2 (2006-04 - 2006-06)

National Health Programmes of India. J. Kishore, Century Publication, New Delhi, Fifth Edition-2005, pp 476 Rs.400.00 (INR), ISBN: 81-88132-13-6.

This book provides good and adequate information on various national health progranmme, national policies and legislations related to health in India. This is the fifth edition of the book, which indicates its popularity. Size of book has been enlarged and pages increased. Cover page of the book has been made attractive and multi coloured. The new edition is thoroughly updated and many new chapters (3,35,10,1) of public health importance such as reproductive and child health programme - II, National Rural Health Mission, Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, and Millennium development Goals are also included. These new chapters will be very beneficial to teachers, students. I think this is the unique book, which is not only useful for the postgraduate but also for the undergraduate medical, nursing, and social science students. The quality and contents of the material presented in the book is quite optimal and deserve all appreciation.

In this new edition author has included summary at the end of topic just before references, which is very beneficial for quick reviews. References has been updated and increased. Author has just touched the millennium development goals as a short topic, hope next edition will be better and will include a new separate chapter of millennium developmental goals. Almost all the topics on different national health programmes has been updated and edited and made better from previous edition. Dr. J. Kishore is a very good writer and has provided a readable, well-discussed book about national health programmes of India. Author has confessed that this book is not an alternative to the documents produced by the Ministries and other departments of the government so for more detail readers have to go through original documents and drafts. This new edition is an attempt to enrich the different public health experts, policy makers, project officers and social workers etc. with new events happening in the field of programmes and policies.

Inevitably for a book like this, there is some variation in quality among the chapters, though the vast majority are well written and convey the main points of their subjects clearly and efficiently. This is an impressive and useful book to add passion to academic reading lists on policies and programmes. I would recommend to anyone interested in public health.

Dr. Surya Bali, Senior Resident
Department of Community Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh
Received: 19.11.2005

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