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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Proceedings of the XII State Annual Conference and General Council Meeting of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine - Gujarat Chapter 2004-2005

Author(s): Editorial staff

Vol. 30, No. 2 (2005-04 - 2005-06)

XII State Annual Conference of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine-Gujarat Chapter was organised on 30th January 2005, by Community Medicine Department of M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. It was presided and inaugurated by the Secretary (Family Welfare) & Commissioner (Health). Additional Director (FW) and State Representative of the UNFPA has remained present as guest of the honour.

The Secretary (Family Welfare) & Commissioner (Health) has released the Report of the study on the Vandemataram Scheme carried out by the Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine-Gujarat Chapter, and Healthline Journal - an official organ of the State Chapter along with the souvenir of the Conference.

Dr. B.S. Bhavsar, Professor & Head, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad has delivered his Fourth NINAD oration speech during the same occasion. Around 150 delegates have participated and 17 Scientific Oral Papers and 10 Posters were presented in the conference.

The twelth General Council Meeting of the chapter was held in the evening which was chaired by the President of the chapter, Dr. B.S. Bhavsar. The following agenda was read out for the approval of council. The following resolutions were passed.

  1. The house mourned the untimely demise of the Member Dr. Naimesh Kapadia and the condolence message was read to be sent to the Family Members of the deceased from the Association.
  2. The minutes of the eleventh General Council Meeting, held at B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad on 25th January 2005 was read and approved.
  3. The report of the activities of Chapter for the last year was presented by the Secretary, Dr. K.N. Sonaliya and Account for the year 2004-05 was presented by the Treasure, Dr. Atul Trivedi which was approved by the Council.
  4. A committee consisting of Dr. J.P. Mehta, Dr. R.G. Mahajan & Dr. Jignesh Chauhan has submitted the suggestion for the areas of amendments in the constitution. It was discussed.
  5. The constitution for the Journal Healthline published by the chapter suggested by the Committee of Dr. Pradip Kumar and Dr. Girija Kartha was read and approved after discussion.
  6. The Search Committee for the Fifth NINAD declared consisting of Dr. Vikas Desai, Dr. B.S. Bhavsar, and Dr. K.N. Sonaliya.
  7. A report of the Committee made up of Dr. S.K. Chaudhary, Dr. K.N. Sonaliya and Dr. Niraj Pandit on "Selection procedure & criteria for Dr. C.K. Purohit Best Research Article" Published in the State Journal "Healthline" Dr. S.K. Chaudhary, was presented and was passed by the GC.
  8. It was resolved to collect additional Rs. 50/- for contiribution towards Journal Healthline in the State Annual Conference,
  9. Election Officer Dr. Tapasavi Puwar declared following members elected uncontested for the post of President, Vice President and Executive Committee for the new Governing Council of the year 2005-2006.
President: Dr. Sudha Yadav (Jamnagar)
Vice President: Dr. S.K. Purani (Ahmedabad)
Executive Members: Dr. S.K. Chaudhary (Karamsad)
Dr.Siddharth Mukherji (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Sanjay Aggrawal (Jamnagar)
Dr. Abhay Kavishvar (Surat)
Dr. Anupam Verama (Surat)
Dr. Nikesh Agrawal (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Pandya Chandresh (Bhavnagar)
Dr. Jairajsingh Hanspal (Rajkot)
Dr. R.G. Mahajan (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Abhiruch Galhotra (Ahmedabad)
Following office bearers will continue for their third year of the term for governing council:
Secretary: Dr. K.N. Sonaliya
Joint Secretary: Dr. A.M. Kadri
Treasure: Dr. Atul Trivedi

Dr. B.S. Bhavsar and Dr. Sudha Yadav, both Professor & Head of Community Medicine Departments donated Rs. 1,000 each from the share of XI & XII state annual conferences held at B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad and M.P. Shah Medical Colleges, Jamnagar respectively.

At the end, the President has thanked all members for active participation and cooperation rendered during meeting conduction.

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