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Minutes of General Council Meeting of IAPSM held on 18.2.2005 at Loni

Author(s): Editorial Staff

Vol. 30, No. 2 (2005-04 - 2005-06)

Please send comments to Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Secretary General IAPSM, by 15th July, 2005.

Minutes of General Council Meeting held at Chandigarh on 28th February 2004 were read and approved Dr AJ Singh read the annual report of the Secretary General. It was approved without any modifications.

Following decisions were taken by the General Council on 18th February, 2005.

1. Audit report for the year 2003-2004 was read and circulated. It was approved.

2. Life membership to be raised to Rs. 2500/- from 1st July 2005.

3. Registration fee for IAPSM Fellowship to be raised to Rs.2000/-

4. Candidates seeking election to the Governing council of IAPSM should deposit Rs.500/- for members and Rs. 1000/- for higher posts (non refundable).

5. Organising Secretary of national conference should deposit Rs 10000/- or more to IAPSM.

6. Organising Committee of 32nd Annual Conference of IAPSM will donate Rs 50,000/- to the association fund.

7. Money should be raised through donations to the IAPSM and through advertisements / subscription for IJCM. State chapters raising such funds would be given 25% of this sum to be retained by them. Rest of the fund will be used as per the constitution.

8. Resource mobilization strategies through projects/activities etc should be worked out.

9. Secretary General's financial powers to be raised to Rs. 10000/- and President's power upto Rs 20000/- for one time expense. Above this amount approval of governing council should be taken.

10. For institution of new awards, donors should deposit minimum of Rs.50,000/- to IAPSM. In this regard offer of Dr. D.R. Gaur should be sent back with comments to deposit Rs.50,000/-. However, proposal for Dr. Saroj Jha Award should be accepted as such, Dr. Kamaxi may be requested to arrange payment of the difference of Rs.40000/- if possible.

11. All awardees- Dr Mahajan (Rs.100), Dr. Vijaynarain (Rs 500), Shri Kalu Ram, Shri Piyare Lal Awards will only be given certificates. Monetary award will be discontinued.

12. All donations for awards will be handled by IAPSM only. In this regard Ford Foundation may also be approached for necessary rectifications such that Ford Foundation Grant of IAPSM currently operable from New Delhi can be operated jointly by IAPSM President and Secretary General only.

13. It was decided to expand the editorial board to 20 members and to include 5 international advisors and 15 national advisors.

14. Joint Action Group of IAPSM and IPHA can be formed. Four members from each association will be members, i.e. President, Secretary General and two members on the recommendation of the President and Secretary General.

15. Dr JP Gupta's proposal of joining Public Health Federation was discussed but was not approved.

16. The Executive committee on recommendation of Secretary General in consultation with President may constitute nine academic subcommittees for providing national expertise and initiating short courses as per following details. A token amount of Rs. 1000/- will be contributed to IAPSM by the nominated persons. Following names have been proposed:

Subject Area Convenors
Health Management: Dr SC Tiwari,
Dr Sanjay Dixit
Epidemiology: Dr Rajiv Bhalwar,
Dr Sanjay Zodpey
Health Promotion: Dr Madhumita Dobe,
Dr Ashok Mishra
Family Medicine: Dr Vinohar Balraj,
Lt Col AK Jindal
RCH : Dr BS Garg,
Dr Daksha Pandit,
Dr CS Pandav,
Dr Umesh Kapil
CD: Dr Zile Singh,
Dr Bhatia
NCD: Dr Sonalia,
Dr Rajesh Kumar
Env. & Occ. Health: Dr GPI Singh
Professional Education Dr G.K. Ingle
Dr. AK Sood

17. Convenor of the committees in consultation with President and Secretary General will further expand the committee. No member should be in more than one committee. President IAPSM will finalise the TOR for these committees.

18. Accreditation proposal by Indian Confederation for Health Care Accreditation (ICHA) was not found to be acceptable at this stage. However, it may be reviewed later based on the performance of the organization. Public Health Education Accreditation process should be initiated.

19. Certificates to members of governing council/editorial board should be issued.

20. General Council agreed to increase the number of fellowships to be awarded from four to eight every year from 2005-2006.

21. IAPSM endorses proposal of PSBH program. IAPSM should be paid Rs 5000/- for this per institution/per event for all such programs.

22. Nominations for new Governing Council were reviewed. Two nominations for the post of President were received. Dr RC Goyal from Loni was elected for the post. Dr Bhardwaj withdrew Vice President: Three nominations were received. Dr Sunil Khaparde, and Dr Chauhan withdrew. Dr Pradeep Kumar from Surat was elected for the post. Fifteen nominations were received for the post of executive members. Following 12 were elected (Two were absent and Dr Surya Bali withdrew).

  1. Dr. A.M. Kadri
  2. Dr. Anmol Gupta
  3. Dr. J.S. Malik
  4. Dr. Neelam Kumar
  5. Dr. P.L. Gattani
  6. Dr. Punit Mishra
  7. Dr. Rekha Bhatnagar
  8. Dr. R.R. Shinde
  9. Dr. S.B. Rotti
  10. Dr. S.C. Panda
  11. Dr. S. Nandeshwar
  12. Dr. Sonu Goel

23. Governing Council will be informed about publication of IAPSM brochure. Copy will be displayed on notice board. Copy will also be posted on website.

24. It was approved to replace old computer and printer of IAPSM with a new one.

25. Dr Ashok Mishra from Gwalior took responsibility to publish the IAPSM directory without any cost to the association. The headquarter will make necessary details available to him.

26. The name of the association should not be changed from IAPSM to any other name.

27. All members are free to send their objections/comments on the published minutes to the HQ

28. Minutes should be recorded if possible (audio) in view of the objections to the published minutes regarding constitutional amendments during Chandigarh meeting.

29. Draft of the document for IAPSM constitution amendment prepared by Dr. B.S. Garg was circulated and a presentation of the same was made by Dr Garg before the General Council. In view of the comprehensive nature of the document and the suggestions made it was decided that another small group headed by Dr. Garg should be constituted to finalise the draft by 31.07.2005 for subsequent presentation to the Governing Council. One month time was given to all IAPSM members for giving any suggestions/comments on the draft constitution amendment and on the IAPSM Brochure.

30. For Dhanwantri Oration, there were two nominations and name of Dr Deoki Nandan was recommended.

31. In case, a life member dies or leaves permanently, then his/her membership number should not be allotted to anyone and should be left blank.

32. Budget of IAPSM and IJCM for 2005-2006 was presented and approved. Budget for conducting Governing Council meetings should be linked up with organizing other activities and should not be drawn from IAPSM funds. Dr Bhupinder Singh offered to conduct one meeting this year along with NZ IAPSM Conference. Members should not draw TA/DA for attending the meeting from IAPSM funds.

33. In response to Dr Mohapatra's letter it was informed that as per MCI's recommendation no non-medical person (even with PhD) can be considered for the post of head of PSM department.

34. Dr Bhupinder Singh presented the resolution of the IAPSM about public health specialists.

35. It was approved to hold a joint conference of IAPSM and IPHA at Tirupati, (AP) in Jan 2006. Dr Deoki Nandan agreed to host it at Agra in case there is any problem.

36. Fellowships of the four candidates (of the eight applicants) were approved by General Council for the year 2005-2006: 1. Dr AJ Singh, 2. Dr GPI Singh, 3. Dr M.S. Punia, 4. Dr Sanjay Zodpey.

The General Council approved the proceedings. Finally Prof. S.C. Tiwari, President of IAPSM expressed the sentiments of all members and proposed a vote of thanks to Dr. R.C. Goel and his team for organising a memorable conference at Loni. The resolution adopted by the Governing Council was approved and the Loni team was applauded for their hospitality.

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