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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Proceedings of the IAPSM General Council Meeting held at PGI Chandigarh on 28.02.04

Author(s): Editors

Vol. 29, No. 2 (2004-04 - 2004-06)

IAPSM. The agenda of the meeting was read out for approval of the council. The following resolutions were passed

1.0 The minutes of Annual General Council Meeting held at Belgaum on Feb. 2003 were confirmed and approved.

2.0 The Budget for the year 2004-05 was presented to the General Council, it approved the proposed. expenditure of Rs. 217500 under various sub-heads like publication of four issues of IJCM Rs. 180000, Payment of audit fee Rs. 5000, State - share Rs. 10000, Secretariat assistance Rs. 2500, Postage and stationary and contingencies Rs. 20,000.

3.0 The audited statement of accounts was published in IJCM Vol. 38, no. 4, October-December 2003 Page 192 and no comments were received. The audited statement of income and expenditure for the year 1.4.2002 to 3 was presented to the General Council by Treasure of IAPSM and similarly the audited statement of accounts of IJCM was presented by Secretary General these were approved by the General- Council.

4.0 The report of the activities of IAPSM was presented by Secretary General. The Life Membership of the IAPSM has increased to 1740, the opinions of IAPSM were being sought at National Fora to finalize the key issues on Child Health and newer Immunization and popula­ tion policies. Many state chapters were active and holding their chapters meetings on regular basis and publishing the Journals on regular basis, however some chapters were dormant and needs to be activized. Similarly membership drive needs to be scaled up for North-eastern and Southern States of the country. Bilateral research promotion-activities continued in collaboration with NIHFW, New Delhi on thrust areas of "General Morbidity Survey" Several members of IAPSM of various Medical Colleges participated in this endeavour. Full Text of IJCM is on line through NIC-CGO complex, New Delhi free of charges.

5.0 Chapters of IAPSM: It was proposed to constitute various chapters of Indian Assoc. of Prey. and Social Medicine. The Guidelines would be prepared by Committee looking into the Election Process respecting the framework already prepared at Bhopal IAPSM Conference (1997).

6.0 Election Process: To streamline the election process and give adequate representation to various states (Executive members and vice presidents etc.) a committee of the following members was con­ stituted to go into details and put up proposal before the General Council at its next meeting. Committee members : Prof. B.S. Garg, Prof. AS. Padda, Dr. Harivansh Chopra, Dr. Gurmeet Singh and Dr. Amarjeet Singh.

7.0 Office & Head Quarter of IAPSM: The proposal of Governing Council was unanimously accepted by General Council to locate Headquarter of the society at PGI. Chandigarh for three years duration (from 1.4.2004 to 31.3.2007) and the General Council further approved the name of Prof. Rajesh Kumar Professor and Head of Community Medicine as Secretary General for the said duration.

7.1 Journal's Office: Similarly the proposal of Governing Council was unanimously accepted by General Council to locate Journal's Office at PGI Chandigarh and it was resolved that Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prof. & Head Community Medicine PGI Chandigarh will be the Chief Editor of Indian Journal of Community Medicine for three years (1.4.2004 to 31.3.2007).

7.2 Dr. S.C. Tewari, Prof. & Head Community Medicine Gandhi Medical College Bhopal was elected as president of IAPSM for the year 2004-2005 (1.4.2004 to 3 )

- Dr. Ashok Kumar Mishra of G.R. M.C. Gwalior was elected as Vice President of IAPSM (from 1.4.2004 to 31.3.2005)

- Following executive members were elected for the year 2004-2005.

i) Dr. Vikas Bhatia, Chandigarh

ii) Dr. Radha Madhab, Tripathy Berhampur

iii) Dr. H.S. Chauhan, PSACS, Punjab

iv) Dr. GPI. Singh, Ludhiana

v) Dr. Ajit Sahai, Pondicherry

vi) Dr. R.C. Mahajan, Ahmedabad

vii) Dr. Bhakt Parkash, Jhansi.

viii) Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal, Jamnagar

ix) Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Patiala

x) Dr. P Ramesh, Belgaum

xi) Dr. (Col.) Zile Singh, Pune

xii) Dr. Savita Sharma, Shimla

8.0 Awards: The following were selected for various Awards of IAPSM.

1. Dr. Mahajan's Award for Best Paper Published in the year 2003. Rs. 1 1. Dr. Sanjay Sangoli, IGMC, Nagpur

2. Dr. Vijay Narain, Award for Best Paper Presented in the conference held at PGI, Chandigarh. Rs. 501. DR. P. A. Praphakar, Seth GS Medical College, Parel, Mumbai.

3. Sh. Kalu Ram, Memorial Award for Best Paper presented by Young Male Member of IAPSM. Rs. 1000. Dr. Mohammed Ali, Sri Ram Chandra Medical College & Research Institute, Chennai.

4. Sh. Pyare Lal, Memorial Award for Best Paper Presented by Young Female Member of IAPSM. Rs. 1000. Dr. Anupam Prashar, IGMC, Shimla.

9.0 Fellowships: Following were selected for award of Fellowships

i) Dr. R.C. Goyal, Prof. & HOD of Community Medicine, Loni

ii) Dr. A.K. Bhardwaj, Asstt. Prof. I.G.M.C., Shimla

iii) Dr. B.M. Vashisht, Assoc. Prof. Community Medicine, PGIMS, Rohtak

iv) Dr. Ajit Sahai, Director, Prof. Biometrics Pondicherry

9.1 For Harcharan Singh Oration Award: Prof. S.C. Tewari of G.M.C. Bhopal was selected.

10.0 Letter of Prof. Deodhar and Dr. Satnam Singh on one "Inclusive National Public Health Association" The Governing Council and General Council was of the view that if a formal request comes from recognized Associations that may be considered in the annual meeting of IAPSM.

11.0 Venue of Next Conference: Proposal submitted by Prof. R.C. Goyal to hold the next IAPSM conference at Pravada Inst. of Medical Sciences Loni was accepted.

12.0 It was resolved that henceforth for election of executive members of the association it is essential for the respective members to have minimum qualifying exp. of 5 years as Member of IAPSM and have attended at least two Annual Conferences of IAPSM.

13.0 Criteria for fellowship and Awards should be made more exhaustive.

14.0 Finally Prof. AS. Wantamutte President of IAPSM expressed the statements of all members and proposed a vote of Thanks to Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Chairman Organizing Committee of 31st Annual National Conference of IAPSM and his team, Director of PGI Chandigarh, Government of Union Territory of Chandigarh, Govt. of Haryana and Govt. of Punjab for organizing and hosting a successful, trend setting and memorable conference at PGI Chandigarh. The resolution was adopted by General Council and a Standing Ovation was given to all members of the Organizing Committee.

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