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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 29, No. 2 (2004-04 - 2004-06)


New Editorial Team Takes Over - Passing the Baton

Friends, with this issue of IJCM the new editorial board has taken over the charge of IJCM. We, the Community Medicine Staff at PGIMER, Chandigarh, wish to express our thanks to all IAPSM members for reposing their faith in us. We will certainly reciprocate the gesture by attempting to deliver our best. However, this will be possible only with the active contribution and support of the readers. In fact, there should not be any notion of provider and consumer relation between the editorial board and the readers /contributors. Let us make it a cooperative movement. Everybody is a stakeholder in this endeavor. Everyone contributes with an aim to bring benefits to all. Collective ownership needs to be cultivated -- a feeling of belongingness to IJCM. Owning up of the journal by the readers is needed.

Against this background we wish to make this journal more interactive. After all, IJCM is the mouth; piece/official organ of our association - the IAPSM. Let the journal become the voice of the association in the true sense. The association should strengthen the IJCM, which in turn reinforces the IAPSM.

Our predecessors have carefully and lovingly nurtured and brought the journal to this stage. Now let us all join hands to further raise the standard of IJCM, because from the present comfortable position, we can only go forward and further improve it, i.e., moving from strength to strength.

In fact, now that the journal and the association have been therefor more than a quarter of a century; it is the right time that we, the public health specialists, make our presence felt in the health arena. This can be done by effectively playing the role assigned to/expected of IJCM.

So what is our role...? In fact, we need to ponder over the issue as to what a good journal is supposed to do. This prompts us to ask certain questions to ourselves.

  • Does the journal attract high quality articl es?
  • Is it indexed in the Index Medicus?
  • Is it read internationally?
  • What is its impact value?
  • Does it fulfill the needs of PGs?
  • Is it up to date (clearance of backlog)?
  • Is its peer review process transparent?
  • Is itself sustaining (financially)?
  • Is it the voice of the IAPSM in the true sense?
  • Do the readers feel enriched by reading the journal...? Are they tempted to read it 'cover to cover'?
  • Do the readers eagerly await the regular columns of the journal?
  • Does the journal look attracti ve?
  • Is its print reader friendly?
  • Does it stimulate new research ideas?
  • Does it give an image of a state of the art journal (the e-dimenson)?

In fact, the list can be further enlarged.

Let us develop an objective scale for judging the quality of a journal and do a quick self assessment of as to where we stand.

Dr. A. J. Singh,
Additional Professor, Community Medicine, and
Editor IJCM,
PGIMER, Chandigarh

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