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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Book Review: Organization Behaviour and Community Health

Author(s): Shiv Chandra Mathur;

Vol. 25, No. 1 (2000-01 - 2000-03)

by Shiv Chandra Mathur; SIHFW Rajasthan, Jaipur

One of the major expectation from newly created State Institutes of Health and Family Welfare was development of appropriate training material which may complement and supplement the in-service trainings organized by them. On this front SIHFW, Rajasthan has come up with a number of publications. In this background, recently published book "Organization Behaviour and Community Health" aims at educating the Doctors who work at variety of peripheral health institutions. The two editions of this book published over a year is an indication of its receptivity beyond the intended clients. It seems that twenty-one chapters on various national health programmes and community health has drawn attention of health professionals right from government and directorate level to district officers, although book is primarily addressed to medical officers working at peripheral health institutions.

It has been meticulously sequenced in two parts. First part covers the organisation behaviour issues ranging from supervision, team-work and leadership to motivation, counselling and conduct meetings. All these chapters are an effort on the way to organisation development. While chapter on supervision, team work and conduct of meetings are lucid expression of what, why, where and how of rural health services, the ambiguity is obvious in the write-up on personal effectiveness and counselling. Such a book should have covered the area of organizational ethos and productivity in the part on organisation behavior.

Some of the chapters like primary health care, management functions, medical audit, safe motherhood and rational drug use are essentially elucidation of theoretical concepts, while others are mere simplification of technical subjects. The later includes latest programme directives on Immunization, Reproductive Health, AIDS, IEC, Malaria, Leprosy, HMIS and ESI. These chapters have been written in a style which may need frequent revisions as the directives to peripheral health institutions in public system frequently change.

Overall, it is a worthy publication, possession and frequent use of which would certainly sharpen the managerial skills of its users. Although written with a focus on peripheral doctors it can be of equal relevance to junior faculty of Preventive and Social Medicine in the Medical colleges, who can always update themselves and add to their teaching competence by regularly using such publications. Such efforts create a place for our discipline on the ground where public health is practiced, eventually it is a matter of gratification for our association, that our members are creating a niche in the health care delivery system.

Reviewed by Dr. Sunder Lal
Prof. & Head
Deptt. of S.P.M.

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