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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Proceedings of the General Council Meeting Held at Osmania Medical College, hyderabad on 11-12 February, 2000

Author(s): Editors

Vol. 25, No. 3 (2000-07 - 2000-09)

27th National Conference of Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSM) was organised by the Deptt. of PSM at Osmania Medical College Hyderabad from 10-12 Feb., 2000. It was attended by 352 delegates and a total of 190 research papers were presented in various scientific sessions.

The 27th General Council Meeting of the Society (Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine) was chaired by Prof. V.K. Desai, President IAPSM and was held on 11-12 Feb., 2000 at Osmania Medical College Hyderabad. The agenda of the meeting was read out for approval by the council.

Following resolutions were passed by the society:

  1. The minutes of the annual meeting held at Govt. Medical College, Surat (Gujarat) on 28th and 29th January, 99 were confirmed by the General Council.
  2. The audited statement of accounts (Income & expenditure) for the year 1998-99 was presented in General Body Meeting on 11.2.2000 by the treasurer, Dr. M.S. Punia, which were approved. Some of the members desired adequate copies of statement of audited accounts.
  3. Proposed annual budget for the year 2000-2001 of Rs. 1,42,500 which was approved by the Governing Council, presented to General Body Meeting which was ratified/approved by the General Council.
  4. Prof. Sunder Lal, Secretary General of IAPSM presented the annual report of the activities of the society. The life membership of the society increased from 1101 to 1221 but it was distressing to note that membership drive in Southern and North Eastern states as also in Bihar remained poor. The publication of IJCM was most regular and quality improved to a great degree because of sincere efforts of committed editorial team, editorial board and above all the quality papers contributed by the esteemed members of the society. The IJCM is now available on INTERNET.
  5. Election of office bearers.

Prof. Bir Singh was chosen unanimously as Returning Officer. He initiated the process of election, which was completed by Prof. A.K. Sharma on the following day i.e. on 12.2.2000. Dr. M.S. Punia, assisted the process.

  • 5.1 There were two nominations for the post of President. Prof. K. Raghav Prasad was elected as President of the IAPSM for the year 2000-2001.
  • 5.2 There were four nominations for the post of Vice President. Prof. N. Udaya Kiran was elected as Vice-President of IAPSM for the year 2000-2001.
  • 5.3 For the Executive Members, 18 valid nominations were received and six of them withdrew.

Following were elected as executive members of IAPSM for the year 2000-2001.

  1. Dr. K. Krishna Babu (Vishakhapatnam, AP)
  2. Dr. M.V. Sagar (Bellary, Karnataka)
  3. Dr. P.L. Gattani (Aurangabad, Maharashtra)
  4. Dr.(Mrs.) Ranjana Tiwari (Gwalior, MP)
  5. Dr. S.B. Rotti (Pondicherry)
  6. Dr. J.S.Thakur (Chandigarh)
  7. Dr. Kanthariya S.L. (Surat, Gujarat)
  8. Dr. Puneet Mishra (New Delhi)
  9. Dr. Rajeev Kr. Jain (N.Delhi)
  10. Dr. S.K. Rasania (N.Delhi)
  11. Dr. Trilochan Sahu (Berhampur, Orissa)
  12. Dr. V.Bala Ramnamma (Gujarat)
  1. Dhanwantry Oration No proposal/nomination received.
  2. Harcharan Singh oration Award Three nominations were received and Prof. R.K. Sachar was selected for this Award.
  3. Criteria for awards and followships:
    It was resolved that objective criteria for various awards be evolved. The criteria approved by Governing Council were read out by the President and General Council approved these criteria which are being presented here under; which entails scoring system. These criteria should be applied to Dhanwantry Oration Award, Harcharan Singh Oration Award and Fellowships of IAPSM.

i) Experience and Seniority in the discipline
Total length of service after passing M.D. Degree in Community Medicine. (One point for every year after 15 years of M.D. for awards and 10 yrs for fellowship).

Maximum of 15 points

ii) National/International standing 5 points

iii) Contribution to the discipline

  • a) Organised National Conference as Organising Secretary : 10 points
  • b) Organised State level Conference/ Chapter's Conference as Org. Sec. : 2 points
  • c) Held official position in IJCM as Chief Editor/Editor/Managing Editor/ Assistant Editor/Treasurer.

    One point for each year of each position

  • d) Held official position in IAPSM as President/Vice-President/ Sect. General/Executive Members.

    One point for each year of each position

  • e) State Chapter/Zonal Chapter - President/Vice-President and Secretary. 1/2 point for each year.

iv) Research contribution

  • Publication of text book :

    5 points

  • Research Projects/Research Publications in National/International Journals. Maximum 10 points

v) Awards

  • Fellowship of IAPSM

    1 point

  • Harcharan Singh Oration 2 points
  • Dhanwantary Oration 5 points
  • Vijay Narain/Mahajan Award/ Sh. Pyare Lal Memorial/ Sh. Kalu Ram Memorial Award 1 point for each award

vi) Conference attended (National Conference of IAPSM) Maximum of 10 points (one point for each after 3 conferences).

In the absence of certificate of attendance, proof from Prof. & Head/Principal of the institute be attached.
The candidate or nominee getting maximum score shall be chosen for awards and fellowship.
The nominations for all the awards and fellowship as stated should be sent well in advance to the Head Office alongwith full documents/Proof at least two months before the next conference date.

  1. Fellowships: There were six nominations, Prof. D.K. Taneja of MAMC, New Delhi and Dr. Pradeep Kumar of Surat Medical Collage were recommended by the Governing Council and notified to the General Council.
  2. Mahajan Award: Lt. Col. B.S. Deswal was chosen for this award.
  3. Dr. Vijay Narain Award: Dr. Jaya Bayra of Pondicherry was chosen for this Award.
  4. Sh. Pyare Lal Sharma Memorial Award: Dr. Krishna Veni of R.M.C. Medical College Kakinada was chosen for this award.
  5. Venue for the next conference: Dr. N. Udaya Kiran volunteered to host the next conference at Mangalore but he withdrew and subsequently, Dr. Bhupinder Singh's offer from Medical College Jammu (J&K) was accepted on later date, which has been circulated.
  6. Finally Prof. V.K. Desai President of IAPSM expressed the sentiments of all the members and proposed vote of thanks to Prof. B.V.N. Brahameswara Rao the Organising Secretary of 27th National Conference and his Deptt. team, the Principal/Dean, Medical Superintendent, Staff, Students and State Health authorities of Andhra Pradesh for successfully organising the conference and hospitality extended to the participants and delegates. The resolution was adopted by the General Council and standing oration was accorded to all the members of the Organising Committee.

(Secretary General IAPSM)

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