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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Criteria For Awards and Fellowships

Author(s): Editors

Vol. 28, No. 4 (2003-10 - 2003-12)


  1. Dr. Mahajan's Award for best paper published in the four issues of IJCM prior to the conference.
  2. Vijay Narain Award for best paper presented in the annual conference of IAPSM.
  3. Sh. Pyare Lal Sharma Memorial Award for best paper presented by female young scientist in the annual conference of IAPSM - Preferably community based research.
  4. Sh. Kalu Ram Memorial Award for male young scientist for best paper presented in the annual conference of IAPSM - Preferably community based research.
  5. Epidemiological Research Grant for Research Project - criteria published separately in this issue.

Criteria for these awards and scoring system

S. No. Criterion (Scoring System)...Score Score Score
I Age and sex (25 - 30) 3 (30 - 35)...2 (35 - 40) ..1
II Relavance of subject matter and its application in the context of current priority problem of the nation High - 3 Moderate - 2 Low - 1
III Objectives Clear- 3 not very clear - 2 Ambiguous - 1
IV Sample size Adequate- 2, community based -2 inadequate - 0, hospital based - 1 -
V Method Very sound - 3 sound - 2 Poor - 1
VI Material - Slides/Transpariencies, Tables and Diagrams very well organized- 3 well organized - 2 Poorly Organized - 1
VII Presentation very good - 3 good - 2 Poor - 0
VIII Statistical Methods used all required methods used some methods used - 2 None - 1
IX Response to queries of judges Very good - 3 good - 2 Poor - 1

Designated judges to please use these criteria and scoring methods and obtain date of birth or age from the personscompeting for these awards. Scores of all the judges will be added up to derive average score.


i) Experience and Seniority in the discipline  
Total length of service after passing M.D. Degree in Community Medicine. (One point for every year after 15 years of M.D. for awards and 10 yrs for fellowship). Maximum of 15 points
ii) National/International standing 5 points
iii) Contribution to the discipline  
a) Organised National Conference as Organising Secretary 10 points
b) Organised State level Conference/ Chapter's Conference as Org. Sec. 2 points
c) Held official position in IJCM as Chief Editor/Editor/Managing Editor/ Assistant Editor/Treasurer. One point for each year of each position
d) Held official position in IAPSM as President/Vice-President/ Sect. General/Executive Members. One point for each year of each position.
e) State Chapter/Zonal Chapter - President/Vice-President and Secretary. 1/2 point for each year.
iv) Research contribution  
Publication of text book 5 points
Research Projects/Research Publications in National/International Journals. Maximum 10 points
v) Awards  
Fellowship of IAPSM 1 point
Harcharan Singh Oration 2 points
Dhanwantary Oration 5 points
Vijay Narain/Mahajan Award/ Sh. Pyare Lai Memorial/ Sh. Kalu Ram Memorial Award 1 point for each award
vi) Conference attended (National Conference of IAPSM) Maximum of 10 points (one point for each after 3 conferences).

In the absence of certificate of attendance, proof from Prof. & Head/Principal of the institute be attached. The candidate or nominee getting maximum score shall be chosen for awards and fellowship. The nominations for all the awards and fellowship as stated should be sent well in advance to the Head Office along with full documents/Proof at least two months before the next conference date.

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