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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 17, No. 2 (2005-01 - 2005-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Resource Generation by the Application of Energy Conservation Opportunities in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    V.P. Bhaskaran, P. Satyashankar, M.A. Suvarna, G. Somu
  3. 'What it Costs and What they Get' - A Study of Percieved Costs and Benefits Among ESIS Beneficiaries
    S. Bedi, S.K. Arya, D.K. Sharma, R.K. Sarma
  4. Standardising Medical Records Forms: A Study at a Tertiary Super Specialty Hospital
    A. Chattoraj, S. Satpathy, R.K. Sarma
  5. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Bio-Medical Waste Management Amongst Staff of a Tertiary Level Hospital in India
    S. Saini, S.S. Nagarajan, R.K. Sarma
  6. Study of Blood Donor Profile at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    N. Madan, J. Qadiri, F. Akhtar
  7. Women With Reproductive Disorders and Quality of Service
    S. Chhabbra*, P.V. Shivkumar**, S. Mishra***
  8. Process Re-Engineering in a Tertiary Hospital Single Window Concept for Efficient Service
    K. Ravi Babu* G. Vijay Kumar**
  9. Benchmarking of Operation Theatre Processes - A Study in a Corporate Hospital
    B. Krishna Reddy*, G.V.R.K. Acharyulu**
  10. Estimation of Sterilization Capacity in Superspecialty Tertiary Care Hospital in South East Asia Region
    P.C. Chaubey*, Rampal**
  11. A Study of the Engineering Maintainance Services at AIIMS Hospital With a View to Assess It's Adequacy and Effectiveness and to Develop a Module for Efficient Functioning
    S. Marwah*, S.K. Gupta**, I.B.Singh***
  12. Benefits of AHA
  13. Operating Unit - Planning Essentials and Design Considerations
    S.K. Gupta*, S. Kant**, R. Chandrashekhar***
  14. Pharmaceutical Policy 2002
    R. Kumar, C.S. Pandav, S.K. Gupta
  15. Proceedings of the National Conference on Health Insurance and Financing (HIFCON-2004)
    R. Kumar*, C.S. Pandav**, S.K. Gupta***
  16. Medico-Legal Aspect of Health Care Delivery
    T.D. Dogra*, Sudhir Gupta**
  17. Notes, News and Journal Scan
    S. Satpathy*
  18. Book Review
    Reviewers: S.K. Gupta*, S. Kant**
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