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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

A Feasibility Study for Establishing a Day Care Surgical Centre in a Large Teaching Hospital

Author(s): M Arun Kumar*, M Dayananda**

Vol. 16, No. 2 (2004-07 - 2004-12)

In today's developed world, it is a widely accepted practice to carry out and dispose elective surgery on same day basis for its numerous advantages, i.e., after due preoperative preparation & assessment, patient walks in to the operation theatre, and after a few hours of postoperative observation, is discharged to home. This kind of Day care surgery is being resorted to all over the world including the armed forces of the developed countries. A feasibility study was carried out for establishing a surgical daycare center in a large teaching hospital. The study was carried out in a 1047 bedded tertiary care teaching service hospital situated in Pune during the period April 2002 to December 2003. the methodology used was an observational study which involved a preliminary study of three months to see if the kind of surgeries being performed in the study involved a detailed study of the records of the hospital to study the workload and calculate the number of day care surgeries, particularly those accepted by the Audit Commission and the British Association of Day Surgery of the UK, which are universally accepted as Day care surgeries as per available literature, the thereby calculate the number of operation theaters required for setting up a daycare surgical center in the study hospital. Discussion was held with the faculty and practicing surgeons of the hospital, where it was found that approximately 40-50% surgeries could be performed on day basis, however due to there being no policy governing the same, they were not carrying out day surgeries. The study was undertaken to ascertain the feasibility of establishing a surgical daycare center in the study hospital in terms of technical feasibility. It was found that though a lot of day care procedures were being carried out as conventional surgeries,, the same could be taken up under the Day Care Surgical Programme thereby achieving tremendous advantages to the establishing a hospital autonomous day care unit which would utilize additional resources but having long term advantages. The study also brought out the standards available in scientific literature for the parameters of planning a daycare Surgical Center, and recommends the measures to be adopted to initiate a Daycare Surgical Programme.

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