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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 16, No. 1 (2004-01 - 2004-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. Study of the Utilisation Pattern of Hospital-Based Health Insurance Plan Targeted Towards Lower Socio-Economic Group
    V.P. Bhaskaran*, Satyashankar P**, Rajendra P Patankar***
  3. A Study on Costing of Selected Biochemistry Investigations in a Teaching Hospital
    Libert Anil Gomes, Sybil Fernades, Priya M. DíSouza
  4. Patient Expectation Survey - A Relevant Marketing Tool for Hospitals
    * Dr Sona Bedi, ** Dr Sanjay Arya, *** Prof RK Sarma
  5. Awareness and Knowledge about hiv/aids Infection Among Patient Attendants at a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Farroq A. Jan, G.J. Qadiri, Qazi A. Qayoom, M.A. Shaheen, Z.A. Wafai, Suheel J. Sangin
  6. Signage Program in Hospitals: A System for Quality Improvement Through Patient Access and Convenience
    Dr. Bidhan Das*, Ms. Pritindira Talwar**, Ms. Pranita Jain***
  7. Format for Age Estimation
    Sanjeev Lalwani, Reena Kumar, TD Dogra
  8. Positron Emission Tomography - Clinical and Administrative Dimensions
    Lt Col (Dr) Alok Kulsrestha
  9. A Study of Absenteeism Among Class-D Employees
    Mohan Lal*, Jaydeb Biswas**
  10. A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study of Organ Donation and its Problems in the Metropolitan City of Delhi
    P.H. Mishra, Aarti Vij, R.K.Sarma
  11. Hospital Architecture: Emerging Issues and Strategic Options
    Shakti Gupta*, Sunil Kant**
  12. Guidelines for preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Institutional Ethics Committee for Human Research
    Rajiv Kumar Jain*
  13. Notes, News and Journal Scans
    Dr. Sidhartha Satpathy
  14. Website of The Global Forum for Health Research
    Surfed and Reviewed by: Rajiv Kumar Jain*
  15. Book Review: Managerial Accounting for Hospitals
    Reviewed by: Rajiv Kumar Jain*
  16. Letter to the Editor
    Dr. Sanjeev Lalwani
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