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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Letter To The Editor

Author(s): Dr R Chandrashekhar

Vol. 15, No. 2 (2003-07 - 2003-12)

"Hospital" - a search for this word in the dictionary tells us that it is an institution that provides medical, surgical or psychiatric care for the sick. Traditional thinking has narrowed the definition of hospitals as a Doctor's workshop , as a consequence hospitals have been built for technology rather than for the patient.

The last decade however has lent a new meaning to health care dimensions. The feel good factor seems to have a stronghold everywhere. Largely attributed to the economic liberalization, privatisation of health services and an ever increasing awareness among patients, the mantra today is "Patient focus care".

This aspect of health care is elaborately documented by the Journal of Academy of Hospital Administration (JAHA).This bi-annual journal focuses on various aspects of health care through articles which are simple, illustrative and technically sound.

At a time when hospitals and health care facilities seem to be concentrating on patient satisfaction, the articles in this journal give an unbiased and meticulous view on the subject. While every article starts by mentioning key words and the crucial message that it is trying to put forth, there is no compromise on the content of the articles. Kudos to the editor for his fastidiousness which is reflected throughout the journal.

It is pertinent here to point out to the fact that although the journal also provides information about recent developments in this field, increasing its span to cover spatial planning, work load tendencies, medico-legal aspects and coordination of medical functions will only add to its credibility.

Dr R Chandrashekhar
Senior Architect
Dte.GHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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