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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 15, No. 2 (2003-07 - 2003-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. A Study of the Direct Costs Incurred by Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients for their Treatment at a Large Tertiary-Care Hospital in Karnataka, India
    V.P. Bhaskaran*, N.R. Rau**, Satyashankar***, Ravi Raj Acharya****, Chinnappa S. Metgud*****, Tarun Koshy******
  3. Utilization of Beds in A Tertiary Care Hospital
    E. Ravi Kiran*, K.Vijaya**
  4. Patient Satisfaction - A Comparative Study
    Talluru Sreenivas*, G.Prasad**
  5. A Study on the Need to Establish a Geriatric Set Up in a Teaching Hospital
    Sunita Saldanha*, Libert Anil Gomes**, Sanjeev Rai***
  6. Bone Densitometry: An Overview
    Reena Kumar*, Nikhil Tandon*
  7. Preservation of Exhibits in Medico-Legal Cases in Casualty
    D.N. Bhardwaj*, Brijender Singh**
  8. Role of Architect in designing Health Care Facilities
    R. Chandrashekhar*
  9. Statement of Specific Principles for Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  10. Notes, News and Journal Scan
    Sidhartha Satpathy*
  11. Website of Health Education and Research Foundation: Informed Health Online
    Surfed and Reviewed by: Rajiv Kumar Jain*
  12. Reference Books in Hospital Administration
  13. Autopsy Format
    D Dogra*, Sanjeev Lalwani**, Reena Kumar***
  14. Letter To The Editor
    Dr R Chandrashekhar
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