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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

A Giant Leap Forward - "Development of Comprehensive Accreditation System for Healthcare Services in India"

Author(s): editor

Vol. 14, No. 2 (2002-07 - 2002-12)

Building on the past efforts, experience and decision on the need for comprehensive Quality Management Systems leading to Healthcare Accreditation; Academy of Hospital Administration (AHA) and EPOS Health Consultants, India organized the "First Step" Workshop on "Development of Comprehensive Accreditation System for Healthcare Services in India" on 12th Oct. 2002 at the India International Centre. The invited participants were the National/local executive members of all clinical professional associations including Laboratory medicine and Radio-imaging and Dental services. Many of the Senior Professionals also graced the meeting.

Surg. Capt. N.A. Khan, Executive Director, AHA, welcomed the participants, presented a synopsis of the efforts make by Executive Director, AHA so far since 1998 as well as the purpose and intent of the meeting. Dr. Akhil K. Sangal, thereafter, presented an analysis of the healthcare scenario with reference to the "Challenges and Opportunities" for the Indian Healthcare sector. He further analysed the commonalities and differences amongst the various International certification/accreditation systems as well as the advantages and limitation. The house deliberated at length on the need and urgency for "Indian Accreditation System" and establishment of an Autonomous National Accreditation Body for Healthcare. Dr. Chris Potter from the European Commission shared his experiences of similar efforts in other countries.

The active participation by all in the lively discussions resulted in:

  1. A unanimous agreement on the need for Comprehensive Indian Accreditation System and autonomous National Accreditation body.
  2. A core group comprising office bearers of all clinical professional associations agreed to carry forward the movement to ensure participation of their respective professional associations in this momentous initiative at the earliest.
  3. The core group deciding to meet again on the 9th Nov. 2002 for this purpose.

The success of this workshop is definitely a momentous landmark in the arduous journey to the Development of Comprehensive Accreditation System for Healthcare Services in India and needs continuous committed participation of all shakeholders.

The event was covered by print as well as electronic media especially JAIN TV and Zee News.

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