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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 14, No. 2 (2002-07 - 2002-12)


The provisioning of health care in our country is well and truly facing winds of change. The liberalisation and opening up of the insurance sector, and the appointment of 18 Third Party Administrators (tpa's) by the four major public sector insurance companies to service their claims assumes importance, as optimal insurance policies are likely to reduce out of pocket expenses. The recently adopted National Health Policy (2002) advocates "user charges" in secondary and tertiary level public sector hospitals as a means of cost recovery in the light of diminishing budgetary allocations. New concepts like rating of hospitals by independent agencies like CRISIL and ICRA are bound to generate enthusiasm amongst hospital administrators so as to get better rating for drawing increased patients. Some experts have suggested formation of a National Accreditation Council to undertake this gigantic task. The increased emphasis on Indian System of medicine is aimed at providing more "socio - culturally acceptable" health care to the rural population in the country.Recently in Karnataka where the management of primary Health Centres ( PHC's) has been given to Non Governmental organisation, or medical college trusts who would be provided some grant-in-aid to manage them. Only those PHC's whose performance has been below average will be handed over in the first phase. This is a significant development which has the potential of changing the system of health care delivery in our country. Similarly, the state of Maharashtra is trying with the idea of introducing a three year diploma in medicine" for students in rural areas to produce "half doctors" who would be willing to work in the largely underserved rural areas.In this era of change, a Hospital administrator whether in the public or private sector, needs to keep abreast of recent developments in order to fulfill expectations of stakeholders. This issue of the journal is a special issue to commemorate with International Conference "Hospitrends 2002", where emerging issues will be discussed and debated upon. Beginning with this issue, we have introduced a seperate section on "Medical Architecture" for our readers.

A. Chakravarti

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