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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Letters to Editor

Author(s): Libert Anil Gomes

Vol. 14, No. 1 (2002-01 - 2002-06)

"CONGRATULATIONS": The issue of Journal (JAHA Vol. 13:2, July-December 2001) is very impressive and the credit goes to editor and editorial team. The journal has made rapid impressive additions. The new features "Net Scan, Book Review, Medical Documentation and CME" are most useful. While congratulating, may I suggest few additions to JAHA

1. A section dedicated for discussing legal, ethical, administrative issues in Healthcare Administration. Those desirous can forward these questions to JAHA and which can be answered by experts.

2. Interviews with eminent authors, professionals from administration, policy makers would be useful.

3. Letters to Editor

There are very few advertisements in JAHA. Advertisement are also important to reader as it lets him/her to know of new developments/products from providers. There are number of prominent company's with substantial budget for advertising which can be contacted.

I am sure the Journal will further develop under your able and dynamic leadership.

Wishing you success in future endeavors.

Libert Anil Gomes
Dy. Medical Superintendent
FR. Muller's Hospital, Kankanady

My personal comments on the book named "Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Management - A Holistic Approach" edited by Dr. P.K. Dave.

This book is a fitting tribute to the foresight of it's authors as it recognizes the fact that Emergency Medical Services is an upcoming specialty that needs to be established in India and aims to fulfill the need for appropriate theoretical and practical guidelines on the subject. It incorporates chapters written by experts from all over the world, giving the reader a global overview while retaining focus on the current needs of our country. All aspects of provision of medical services in emergencies are lucidly covered and vividly illustrated with examples. the chapters on disaster management deal comprehensively with the essential details required for coping with the emergency and health needs in such situations. The latest trends in the management of the topics covered are duly incorporated and the style of writing is contemporary.

As it provides a holistic view, this excellent book is of immense use to policy makers, administrators, clinicians, nursing personnel and others from all those walks of life which need to co-ordinate with the health sector in disaster management. It is a complete, yet compact book richly equipped with references and is a delight to read. The book is a fitting testimony to the expertise of its distinguished authors, who have penned down their lifetime's experience for our use.

Madhuri Sharma
Dy Director General (P)
Directorate General of Health Services
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi - 110011

Readers are invited to send letters containing comments, feedback, suggestions relating to the contents of this Journal.

Editors reserve the right to edit the letters for publication.

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