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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration


Author(s): Rajiv Kumar Jain*

Vol. 14, No. 1 (2002-01 - 2002-06)

Website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India on the National Informatic Centre's server is a must visit by all health and hospital administrators in India. It so happens that in the Government the changes in policy, rules, regulations, new developments take time to percolate down to the States, the hospital and health services managers and users, This website bridges that gap in terms of authentic information quickly and efficiently.

The homepage is simple but well organised into 7 Sections, viz., who's who in the Ministry, Annual Reports, Department of Health, Department of Family Welfare, Department of ISM&H, Major Schemes and Programmes and Parliament Questions Database. The section on the Department of Health is the most active and extensive with CD Alert on Bioterrorism, Counselling for allotment of MBBS and BDS Courses, Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), Medical Education, Gujarat Earthquake Relief, Prevention of Food Adulteration AC (1954) and Rules (1955), National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), National Health Policy-2002, Application form for WHO Fellowships 2002-2003, Notifications of General and subsidiary Rules (GSR). The above data and documents can easily be saved on your computer by use of Acrobat Reader. Even if you don't have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can easily download the same from the link provided. This enables easy viewing of documents without connecting to the Internet, thus saving you cost of telephone calls.

I have been using/visiting the website for the last more than two years. I find it being updated regularly. It's simplicity is its most important advantage/feature. The server, being located in India, is, quite secure and connectivity continuous.

The subsection of Medical Education gives data about centrally administered Medical Colleges, while that on CGHS gives details about the Scheme i.e., users, services, features and expenditure. The NACO subsection takes you to the world of HIV AIDS in India includes National Policy, Guidelines on Blood Transfusion, Counselling, HIV/AIDS Control Strategies, forthcoming events, addresses of state AIDS Control Societies and a lot more.

Annual Reports of the Ministry are available online for the last 5 years. The organizational structure with names and telephone members of most of the officers in the Ministry are available, though they need to be updated more frequently, PFA Act is very useful for Food (Health) Authorities in States, Municipal Corporation etc.

The Department of Family Welfare's section has highlighted recent amendments to the Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act. Sterilisation Bed Scheme for taking funds from the Central Government for Hospital services is useful. The draft of the strategy on social marketing of Contraceptives is available for comments/suggestions.

Another useful feature is Parliament Questions Database you can reach by date or matter, Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha wise. The answers given to the questions are useful for health and hospital administrators in the Government.

The section of Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy is most vibrant. So many developments are taking place in this area that health administrators should really visit this section more frequently.

Overall, one can say that if you are working as a health and hospital administrator in India, it shall be of definite advantage to keep visiting this website at least once a month. The Website needs to now evolve into more functional areas for the lay public also like simple information on common diseases, preventive measures, links to the websites of Departments of Medical and Health Services in the State Governments, Autonomous bodies Public Sector Undertakings in the areas of Medical and health Services. Even now, the data available on the current platform is quite extensive, useful, well organized and authentic.


* Deputy Chief Medical Director,
Indian Railways Medical Service, New Delhi, India.

For correspondence:
480, Sector 37, Faridabad 121003, Haryana, India.
E-mail: [email protected]
and  [email protected].

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