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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 13, No. 2 (2001-07 - 2001-12)


Multidisciplinary approach has brought in its wake many positive and negative effects on the healthcare delivery system of developing countries. Rapid technology advancement, knowledge explosion and cost constraints have made it compulsory for involving experts from various disciplines of Medicine, Finance, Industry, Management, Information Technology, Quality and Standardization Bureau, Legal experts and so on for planning any cost effective and efficient health care delivery system. "Health Sector" is now being managed like an "Industry". Managed care plans combine the delivery of health care services with the financing of that care. However to meet the expected role certain measures other than the resource allocation have to be implemented.

The mushrooming of high cost and profit oriented tertiary care centers and resultant mismatch in availability of primary care/emergency care health services has widened the gap between those who have access and those who do not have access to these facilities. The health care providers/administrators have to plan for health care delivery system for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary level and Emergency Health services under different types of situations for different types of clientele so as to cater to the needs of the population.

Health care providers may seek answers in mulidisciplinary approach but unfortunately in most situations the underlying philosophy is overlooked in that any true multidisciplinary approach should cater for comprehensive "First contact medical care" which is structured in a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach, and linked in real time with speciality services and information systems. "First contact medical care" should be longitudinal and person-focused over time and across care settings (inpatient and outpatient). It should also be accountable and capable of measuring processes and outcomes to determine best clinical practice, improve patient access and services and increase staff efficiencies.

We should not ape and try to absorb high technology and "Managed Care Model" of health care delivery systems without any proven benefits. We need professional and scientific management of health care delivery system for which we must open many more avenues for multidisciplinary interaction in true sense.


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