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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 13, No. 1 (2001-01 - 2001-06)


As hospitals grow in complexity, the need to evolve newer strategies to manage them becomes the greatest challenge for hospital administrators. The coming decades will demand higher quality, better technology, superior medical care and all at an affordable cost. In a developing country like ours, resource constraints will remain and disproportionate demands on the health sector will persist. Thus multiple managerial challenges will daunt hospital administrators at every turn. There is a need to have synergy of efforts to effectively manage Technology, Rising expectations, Human resources, Cost and Information. It is only then that a discernible impact on health care delivery will be felt.

As regards newer Technology it is well known that the demand is ever increasing. There is considerable grey area as to who decides the medical necessity. The hospital administrator has to weigh the factors of rational use of high technologies and social justice with its cost effectiveness and affordability. This may sometimes lead to moral underpinning between clinicians and administrators.

We have to note that technology accounts for 50% increase in cost of medical care. We also have to contend that post acquisition health technology assessment initiatives are usually non-existent. These and many more such multifaceted issues are the concern of all engaged in the delivery of health care. The QUEST to find the elusive solution continues.

Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Chakravarti

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