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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Hospitals - Planing, Design and Management

Author(s): Rajiv Jain*

Vol. 12, No. 2 (2001-07 - 2001-12)

This book claims to be a complete reference on planning, design and management of hospitals from start to finish. Well, the book is able to achieve the first two objectives but falls far short of being a 'complete' reference on management of hospitals. There was a definite need to have a reference book on planning and design of hospitals specially in the Indian context. This book shall prove to be of immense use to hospital architects planners, consultants and engineers in getting them a broad yet clear insight into hospital facilities planning through several tips and suggestions.

This book , the very first of its kind is meant to present an integrated picture of planning and designing of subject general hospitals. It discusses the subject under seven major sections: Planning of Hospitals, Administrative Services, Medical Services, Nursing Services, Support Services, Public and Staff Affairs and Engineering Services. The book is richly illustrated with numerous illustrations including diagrams, photographs, schematic plans.

If a hospital has to be successful, it should be based on a triad of good planning, good design and construction, and good administration. The absence of any one of these results in a mediocre hospital or one that is doomed to failure.

In the post the attention of hospital planners and designers was primarily focussed on the proverbial acclaimed medical services. The less noticeable physical facilities, the administrative areas and supportive services been impatiently waiting for their new shoes, say the authors in the preface. Authors have attempted to cover all the services in one volume admirably well.

GD Kunders, the senior author has more than 25 years experience in hospital administration in institutions like Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, MMM Hospital, Kobenchery and St. Martha's Hospital, Bangalore. S. Gopinath and Asoka Katakam, the other authors are architects by profession. They have designed the Manipal Hospital Bangalore, KMC Hospital in Mangalore and Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital, Bangalore.

The sections on planning and designing Engineering Services and supportive services will prove to be most useful to the readers. The subsections on engineering and Maintenance Departments, clinical (Bu-Medical Engineering. Electrical system, Air-conditioning system, Water supply and sanitary system, centralised Medical Gas System, Telecommunication System, Environmental Control, Solid Waste Management, Safety and Security, Security and Loss Prevention Programme, Fire Safety, Bomb Threat, Alarm System, Disaster Preparedness. Code Blue Procedure and Transportation are well organised, comprehensive, contemporary and lucidly written.

Each subsection has been organised into subareas viz. Overview, Objectives, Functions, Location, Design, Procedures, Organization and Facilities and Space Requirements, to make it reader friendly, unnecessary jargon and details have been avoided. Wherever necessary flowcharts have been provided to complement the layout plan of an area/department of the hospital.

The book also has a check list of Minor Facilities and Hospital Safety Rules as appendices, Bibliography is limited to only 19 references. Index is well organised and well linked.

In future edition of the book the authors will have to add major input in terms of linkage of hospital design with hospital management. This would imply inputs in terms of managerial functions and linkages between various departments being described is somewhat more details. In additions, the section on Planning and Designing of Medical Services will need further detailed subjection on Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Intensive Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Neonatal Unit, Bio Medical Waste Management, complementary systems of Medicine etc. Description and linkage of the layout and flowcharts with the main text needs attention by the authors.

Overall, the book is unique being the only one of its kind, published in India. The book is a rich repository of contemporary knowledge in hospital architecture and design. It should see many more editions in the years to come.

Rajiv Jain*

* Registrar cum Secretary Delhi Medical Council
Email : [email protected]

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