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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 12, No. 2 (2001-07 - 2001-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. An Epidemiological Study of Biohazards in Microbiology Laboratory at Large Teaching Hospital
    U B Misra *, A K Agarwal **, N K Parmar ***, R Bhalwar ****
  3. Utilization of Computer by Health Care Professionals - Current Status
    N.C. Prajapati *, S Bala **
  4. Customer (Patient) Service through Non-Government Health Care Organization in Calcutta Municipal Corporation Area
    Dev Malya Dutta*, Soubhatra Bandopadhyay**
  5. Progress Made in Elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Possible impact of Lifting ban on Sale of Non-Iodized Salt
    Umesh Kapil
  6. Medical Transcription: Coming of Age?
    Sidhartha Satpathy, Shakti Gupta, Rajiv Kr. Jain, S.K. Mathur, Sunil Kant
  7. Evience-Based Health Care: A Review
    Rajiv Kumar Jain
  8. Cost of Medicare Scheme in Manipal
    V.P. Bhaskaran *, P. Satyashanker **, Rahul Menon***
  9. Coordination - A sine qua non for (cadaveric) Organ Transplantation
    Hem Chandra*, Shakti Gupta**, Sidhartha Satpathy***
  10. India Plans Stringent Measures to Improve Health Care Quality
    Rajiv Kumar Jain*, Sidhartha Satpathy**
  11. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
    Rajiv Kumar Jain*
  12. The Costing of Common Otologic Surgical Procedures so as to Develop Standard Approach for Introduction of a Package System of Charging the Patients
    Shyama S. Nagarajan, R.K. Sarma, R.C. Deka
  13. Hospitals - Planing, Design and Management
    Rajiv Jain*
  14. Documentation and Records in a Blood Transfusion Service/Blood Bank
    Rama Bhasin*
  15. The Delhi Declaration on People's Right to Safety
    Shakti Gupta*
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