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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Academy of Hospital Administration - Aims and Objectives

Author(s): Editors

Vol. 12, No. 1 (2000-01 - 2000-06)

Aims and Objectives

  1. Promote development of high quality of hospital case.
  2. Develop norms and standards for the accreditation of the institutes of health care.
  3. Provide opportunities for training and research in all aspects of hospital/health administration.
  4. Provide updates on health/hospital management/administration.


Four types of membership is available.

1. Life Membership :- Fee - Rs. 2000/-

Eligibility :

  • MHA/MD (CHA)/MD (HA)/PhD/DNB (Health Administration) incl Hospital Administration from a recognised university/Examination Board.
  • DH and HM from AHA
  • Diploma in HA from institutions/agencies recognised by Min. Of Health and FW/HRD and has been engaged in responsible administrative position for period of five years in an acceptable institution after acquiring the qualification.
  • Holds a responsible administrative position in acceptable hospital or related health care organisation/Medical College/College or School of /Nursing.

Life Associate Member with 10 years of administrative experience after admission as associate member.

2. Institutional Membership :- Fee - Rs. 6000/-

(Nonvoting) of hospitals, professional bodies, and establishments in the field of hospital administration (can sponsor three candidates for meetings and seminars organised by AHA).

3. Life Associate Membrship : Fee - Rs 1500/-


  • Has a degree of diploma in health/Hospital Administration or allied disciplines from a recognised university, school or centre and is engaged in responsible administrative position in an acceptable hospital or related health activity.
  • Medical Officers, having degrees in alternative system of medicines and engaged in responsible administrative positions or related health activty
  • Is a faculty, researcher, or director of acceptable graduate and undergraduate programme in hospital and health care management and holds a full time position.
  • Is an officer engaged in the administration of hospital for health and medical care at Centre, State or district level.
  • Is a consultant, advisor, coordinator or administrator of health related organisation such as Voluntary Health Association etc. and in that position influences the operation, growth and developing of hospitals or other acceptable hospital services.

4. Student Membership : Fee- Rs. 100/-

Privileges of Members

  1. Every member will be given a membership certificate.
  2. Life members will have the right to be elected and to be represented on the executive committee of the Academy on the basis of an election by the member held during the Annual body meetings.
  3. Every member will be entitled free of charge to a copy of the biannual journal of Academy of Hospital Administration.
  4. All priced publication by AHA will be made available to members at concessional rates.
  5. Life members will have right to vote.
  6. Information regarding various training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences will be made available to all categories of members in advance. Preference will be given to AHA members for participation in these activities at reduced/concessional rates of delegation fee.
  7. Members will be entitled to use following titles according to their respective class of membership.
    1. Life Member - MAHA
    2. Associate Member - AMAHA
    3. Student Member - SMAHA
    4. Fellow - FAHA
    5. Honorary Fellow - HFAHA


For applying for membership use the application form provided overleaf Photocopies of the form are also acceptable. For further information write to:-

Academy of Hospital Administration
Post box No. 4936,
Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi - 110029.
Ph. 6961934

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