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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Net Scan

Author(s): Rajiv Kumar Jain

Vol. 12, No. 1 (2000-01 - 2000-06)

WHO Bulletin: This is one of the prominent journals on public health in developing countries and is published by the World Health Organization. The abstracts, table of contents and full text (in PDF format) of this monthly journal are available online free of cost. Health finder: This is the US government's Internet directory of authoritative health information, featuring a variety of menu list with line journals, medical dictionaries, minority health and prevention, and self care. Information is obtained from US government agencies; national voluntary, non-profit and professional organizations; and academic institutions and libraries. US Pharmacopoeia The US Pharmacopoeia contains standard elements, a searchable and browsable database of descriptions, precautions, and side effects of over 750 generic drugs; medication counselling, behaviour guidelines; quality review, a bimonthly case studies review; Just ask! A set of consumer brochures on proper medicine use. Among the interesting features use the USP drug pictograms, which are standardized graphic images that help convey medication instructions, precaution, and/or warnings, to patients and consumers. These can be downloaded from this site. Medical slides: This is an easy way to making medical slides. The slides can be picked up for free from this site from the collection of slides on various topics. It requires a free registration. The site requests users to post their slides on this site for the benefit of others. Emerging Infectious Diseases: www.cdc.Ggov/incidod/EID/index.htm. Emerging Infectious Diseases is published 6 times a year by the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. It is indexed in Index Medicus and other database. It is a part of CDC plan for combating emerging infectious diseases. The full text of articles from 1995 are available on line. Publist: This site is one of the most exhaustive listing of medical and other scientific journals. It contains useful information for doctors hoping to get papers published. It lists publications about the names of the journals, editors, contact details, etc, over 1500 medical titles are listed; conventiently divided into specialities, and there is an in-house search engine. Information about 15,000 scientific journals can be accessed from their house page www.
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