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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 11, No. 2 (1999-07 - 1999-12)


In the new millennium, it is our sincere and honest endeavour to give our readers a totally renovated, remodelled and refurbished edition of Journal of Academy of Hospital Administration. In tune with the times, this edition is also available on the net. With the approval of the management board and to add some 'colour' to the journal, the entire format has been changed. Starting with this issue, the journal will have separate sections on Original articles, Technology update, Brief reports, Notes, News and Journal Scan, Net Scan, Book reviews, a new feature on Hospital documentation and Letters to the Editors. We welcome suggestions and comments from our readers for constantly improving the reach and impact of the journal.

Doctors working as managers is not a new phenomenon; and it has been proved that in many occasions the doctor managers have distinct advantages. In order to focus upon this trend an editorial in BMJ in the recent past (Sept '97) has mentioned that when doctors work as managers they have greater credibility; a deeper knowledge of how health care works, and an uncanny ability to speak out. They put "patient care" and "clinical outcomes" at the forefront; ahead of financial imperatives, and this, ultimately is the only way to develop the business for health care. Clinicians who are well trained in management have a unique power base, as they have an intimate knowledge of how the system works, and hence their views are more readily accepted than those of non clinician mangers.

It has been found that in United Kingdom senior strategic roles in management now attract the brightest and the best doctors; and this trend must be encouraged if doctor managers are expected to make real improvements in healthcare systems. Management should not be seen as an eccentric hobby of inept and bored doctors. Hence, the next generation of doctors must not only be able clinicians, but must also know how to run an effective clinical service. Along similar lines, Health Management has also been rated as the sector with maximum potential for growth in United States of America. It is probable that with the opening up of the insurance sector, hospital administration in India will have better opportunities and options in the future.

Dr. P. C. Chaubey
Editor in Chief

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