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Transfusion Bulletin

Letter to the Editor

Author(s): Dr. Kailash Mehta

Vol. 12, No. 2 (2004-08 - 2004-08)

Dear Sir,
At the outset I must compliment you and your Editorial team for providing a common platform to blood bankers in the form of the Transfusion Bulletin.

My comments are on the role of a Transfusion Specialist in a large corporate hospital.

The results received by us with respect to appropriateness of blood usage are overwhelming and encouraging. They are probably second to none in the country and match to some of the best Cardiac Surgery Centers in the world. We have an active Cardiac Sciences programme in the hospital with over 1000 Open Heart By pass surgeries a year.

We have been able to bring down the requirement of blood from an average of 2-3 units per open-heart surgery to 50-60% of cardiac Bypass surgeries being now done without the usage of blood. This is largely due to constant interaction and emphasizing on the clinicians that each component has a definite indication, clinical threshold, half-life and dosage.

The constant unrelenting interaction with the Clinicians and increasing awareness in the form of a quarterly Hospital Transfusion Bulletin were some of the other reasons. The interactions may be structured in the form of Hospital Transfusion Committee or CMEs or unstructured. In our experience the unstructured interactions in the departments, corridors and even the tearoom on a day-to-day basis were equally, if not more important.

Being a Transfusion specialist for over 22 yrs I must confess that it is a daunting task. My advise to all my junior colleagues is that it is all about changing the mind set and peer influence of our colleagues. This requires a constant effort professionally both at the structured and the unstructured levels. Further it is not impossible to have a near 100% components based Blood Bank.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Kailash Mehta,
Consultant Transfusion Medicine,
Fortis Heart Institute,
Phase VIII Mohali, Punjab.

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