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Transfusion Bulletin

Message From the President

Author(s): Editor

Vol. 12, No. 2 (2004-08 - 2004-08)

Message from the President

Dear Members,
It is indeed a pleasure to convey my good wishes to all the members of ISBTI family. As you are aware inspite of some problems amongst us we are running our activities smoothly.

Dear friends, our stalwarts worked hard to give glorious path and shape to the ISBTI. It is the only and well-known organization for promotion of voluntary blood donation and supply safe blood in the country. We have to strengthen and uplift its image.

The 14 th June 2004 was celebrated as World Blood Donor‘s Day on the eve of birth and death anniversary of great physician Karl Landsteiner, the father of modern transfusion medicine, who discovered ABO Blood group system and received Noble prize for the same in 1930. Many chapters of ISBTI celebrated this day with great enthusiasm.

Recently, on 24 th July we had a Governing Body meeting at Deharadun, which was followed by workshop on donor motivation by State AID Control Society, Uttaranchal. The workshop was inaugurated by HE Governor of Uttaranchal Shri Sudarshan Agarwal and president over by Health Minister Shri Tilak Raj. The workshop was well organized by the Project Director AID Control Society Dr. Jangpangi and his team. The action plan was prepared to increase the rate of voluntary blood donation in the Uttaranchal State. The workshop was a grand success. On this occasion Uttaranchal State Chapter of ISBTI was also announced.

In spite of repeated request, many members have not year completed their I.D. Cards,. It is again requested kindly do this formality at an earliest. So we may not face any difficulty in next forth-coming elections.

The 29 th ISBTI National Conference is going to be held at Hotel Taj Coromandel, 37 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam. Chennai-34 on 23rd , 24th , 25th September 2004. Hope you all have receive the information, if not kindly contact to Conference Secretariat. (See update)

Dr. V. P. Gupta
President ISBTI

Circular of the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of ISBTI will be held on 24 th September, 2004 at Hotel Taj Coromandel, 37 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai by 4.30 P.M. All the members of ISBTI are requested to kindly attend the meeting.


  1. Welcome by President
  2. To read & confirm the minutes of last AGM held at Ahmedabad on 20 th December, 2003.
  3. To Read and approved Annual Report and the audited Statement of Accounts for the year 2003-2004.
  4. To decide the next Election of ISBTI office bearers.
  5. To decide the Venue of 30th ISBTI National Conference.
  6. Issue of Transfusion Bulletin and Fund raising for activities of ISBTI.
  7. Future activities of ISBTI.
  8. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.

Dr. R. N. Makroo
Secretary General


All blood centers are requested to become an Institutional member of ISBTI. It will help respective centers to receive recent information and updates in the field of Transfusion Medicine in India & abroad.

General Information

ISBTI Governing Body has decided to publish the list of centurian donors in the forth coming issues of Transfusion Bulletin. All centurian donors are requested to send their general informations to the Editorial Board. The proof of donation is must and photocopy of proof should be certified by respective ISBTI state chapter or Medical Director of a Regional Blood Transfusion Center.

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