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Transfusion Bulletin

Criteria for ISBTI Awards

Author(s): Editor

Vol. 12, No. 2 (2004-08 - 2004-08)


  1. The intending candidate for any ISBTI award should have an membership for a period of five years and his/her involvement should be preferably with the medical and para-medical work or he/she should be a recognized social worker.
  2. He/She should have at least 10 years standing attachment with the voluntary blood donation program with some vital contribution in implementing the aims and objectives of ISBTI.
  3. Application for awards must be sponsored recommended by the local chapter of the ISBTI.
  4. Applications should be recommended by the State Convenor in the absence of ISBTI Chapter.
  5. Bio-Data of the candidate in three copies with complete details of the work done along with supporting documents should reach the office of the ISBTI President before 7th September 2004.



  1. These two awards are meant for themedical personnel who have established innovative ideas in their research work of high standards.
  2. These awards are meant for the medical personnel who have established innovative ideas in their research work of high standards.
  3. The original research paper, not awarded earlier by any organization should be submitted.
  4. The research paper should highlight some new concepts about blood transfusion services and other allied scientific knowledge.
  5. ISBTI Award –( I )may be given to institution fulfill the above criteria.


  1. This award would be presented to renowned Social worker who have amply demonstrated their brilliance in the motivational aspect of the voluntary blood donation program.
  2. They should have outstanding work in the field of motivation, innovation of new projects, designing of awareness and educational program, preparing posters, pamphlets, literature on voluntary blood donation movement, formulating strategies for development of motivators base etc.
  3. They should have experiences of raising funds for Safe Blood Campaign and the experiences of bringing the various aspects of voluntary blood donation movement into limelight by contributing in Seminars, Exhibitions, Public Speeches, Talks on AIR/TV and articles in News Papers.
  4. They should have the ability of leader for guiding teams in perfect co-ordination and consistent willingness to share expertise with others.

This award may be given for one particular achievement or for accumulated contribution over the years.

  1. For this award the President and the Secretary General may also recommend a person who has done extra-ordinary work in the realm of voluntary blood donation movement.
  2. The committee will have the right to waive the conditions pertaining to the period of standing in the field.

IV ISBTI Best Chapter Award For Donor Motivation

This award is given to ISBTI State Chapter who has done meritorious work in the field of Donor Motivation for the year 2003-2004. The Chairman of State Chapter should submit the necessary supporting documents along with application.

V ISBTI Best Chapter Award for Academic Activites

This award has been introduced for ISBTI State Chapter who has done innovative work in the field of Transfusion Medicine as technical expertization, research work develop newer technique, conducted Workshop, Seminars, Conferences for Blood Safety, quality control & training of medical personals. Nominations in 3 copies for All awards should reach to:

Dr. V.P. Gupta, President ISBTI,
1-A-12, S.F.S., Doctor’s Enclave Talwandi,
Kota- 324005, Rajasthan
before 7th September, 2004.
Please stick to the DEADLINE

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