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Current Pediatric Research

Vol. 9, No. 1 (2005-10 - 2005-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Prediction of the development of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia by increased umbilical cord blood bilirubin
    Amar Taksande, Krishna Vilhekar, Manish Jain, Preeti Zade, Suchita Atkari, Sherin Verkey
  3. Cytogenetic studies in infants with congenital malformations
    Muthukumaravel. N., Ramachandra Rao. K. and Vishnu Bhat. B.
  4. Knowledge and practices of childhood immunization among primary health care providers in Riyadh City: Part I: Handling and administration of vaccines
    Ibrahim H Al-Ayed
  5. Acute chest syndrome in children with sickle cell disease: Saudi Arabian experience
    Hassan A. Al-Trabolsi and Mohammed Alshehri
  6. Utility of platelet associated antibodies in the diagnosis of children with thrombocytopenia
    Hassan Ali Al-Trabolsi
  7. Auriculotemporal's syndrome in three siblings and literature review
    Masoud Grouhi, Mohammed Alshehri
  8. Insufficiant corticosteroids treatment in children with acute asthma
    Mohammed A. Alshehri, Anwar Hamdi, Mohammed Yunis Khan, Khalid Julban
  9. Parent's reluctance towards antibiotic use in children
    Fahad Abdullah Al Zamil
  10. Long-term pulmonary consequences of esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula
    Hanaa Banjar, Zakaria Habib, Gamal Mohamed
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