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Immigration to Another Country – An Overview

Immigration to another country is a way for many people to gain educational or employment opportunities that may be unavailable in their own countries. Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding what Foreign Nationals may come to work or learn in their country. Some countries make it relatively easy to immigrate, others require rigorous screening. Having a good knowledge of these requirements is a good first step on the path to immigration in search of opportunity.

When people apply for immigration to a country other than their own, they are in fact applying for a permanent residence visa. Permanent residence is a status that allows an immigrant to legally reside and earn a living anywhere while abiding by the particular country's constitutional laws. In the U.S., such status is granted with what is known informally as Green Card. All individuals who are not eligible to apply directly for citizenship must first apply for permanent residence. After meeting minimum residency requirements (i.e. 3 years), individuals can then apply for citizenship, which entitles them to that country's passport. Although not able to vote in elections, permanent residents enjoy many of the same privileges as the country's citizens, including the right to education, health and social services, and protection.

If your intended occupation in the country you are targeting is different from your past experience, the important thing to do if you are intending to pursue a different occupation is to demonstrate employment mobility. In other words, you must show that you have transferable skills from your previous occupation to meet the criteria for the one you are hoping to pursue.

An offer of employment is not necessary to qualify as an independent immigrant. However, having an valid offer of employment may help your application process and certainly will facilitate your settlement in either Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Having relatives in Canada, Australia or New Zealand can improve your potential for meeting the minimum criteria for immigration. Your relative can be your or your spouse's brother, sister, mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew. An established relative is seen to facilitate your adaptability into the native society.

Obtaining skilled professional help in filling out required forms and following procedures is recommended. Skilled professionals, well versed in the processes involved, can save you time and money as well as improving your chances at successful immigration. Beware of agencies who promise that they can get you the required visas and permits. Successful Immigration is a process that takes time and care. A good agency can help smooth the process, but cannot promise you they will get you a visa. Therefore, take great care in choosing an agency to assist you! Make sure they are recognized and accredited by relevant authorities.

Following is an overview of Immigration for slected countries. Please click on the country you wish to learn about.



New Zealand



Our thanks to Sunrise International Legal Services, a recognized leader in the field of immigration with over 35 years of experience at helping guide people through the process of immigration. For more information, please visit their website.

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