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"Friends" of ICHA

ICHA is an initiative aimed at improving the Health Care system in India. Due to many entrenched interests and the complexity of the Indian Health Care scenario, this will take time and is more likely to be a continually evolving 'process' than a sudden result. By creating a means through which ordinary citizens (Health Care Users) can help to make a difference, we hope to grow as a ground roots organization from the bottom up, as well as a Professionals Organization, from the top down. Therefore, we invite you to become a "friend" of ICHA. By becoming a "Friend", you will help us by:

In order for this initiative to gain momentum, we need to involve people from all walks of life, not just medical professionals. To this end, we request you to:

  1. Fill out and send us the Health Care Response Sheet.
  2. Contribute to the 'War Chest' required to allow the ICHA to fund development projects. Your tax-deductible contribution* (Minimum of rps 500, no maximum limit) will help this initiative grow and bear fruit.
  3. Spread the word. Talk to your friends, your parents, your co-workers and other interested people. Write to your local MP and/or the Ministry of Health and tell them that you support the ICHA and its goals and that you want the MP/Minister to support the ICHA too.

Your participation will be recognized by including your name in the register of "Friends" of ICHA which will be listed onsite and will be acknowledged in our Annual Report. You will receive email updates of developments and you will have the opportunity to shoulder appropriate responsibilities at regional workshops, seminars and conferences.

Working together, we can achieve the goals of the ICHA and make them a reality. This reality will benefit all of Indian Society by improving Health Care across the board, by lowering costs and by making Quality Health Care the Indian Standard. We urge you to help! Sign up today!

* Because the ICHA has been incorporated as a Section 25, Not-for-profit organization, your donation will result in a 50% deduction from your taxable income.

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