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What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of evaluating and recognising excellence of healthcare delivery for whole hospitals, integrated service delivery networks and other such systems as well as professional activities. It is a voluntary process of development and education through consultation, participation and professionalization and independent peer review. Accreditation derives its strength from its credibility. In fact it is a participative process of continuous improvement and recognition of excellence is the outcome. Comprehensive accreditation addresses all dimensions of healthcare delivery: Appropriateness, Availability, Continuity, Effectiveness, Responsive with Caring, Safety and Risk Minimization and Timeliness.

Thus it is a mechanism to achieve change; change that will be felt and noticed by healthcare users. All accreditation systems aim for the optimal, which is continually updated and improved by constantly benchmarking with the possible and attainable. And this is what makes it so successful.

Why Each Country Needs a Separate System:

Even though the technical quality parameters may be similar, the world over, there are differences in local laws, social structure, access mechanisms and resource constraints. This makes it necessary for each country to have a National system. Regional / piecemeal systems have not been successful. These National systems today integrate and share knowledge through a world body called ISQUA.

The Current Initiative:

In the light of the above, it was decided through a series of progressive interactive meetings since August 2002, that an autonomous body of all stakeholders (primarily providers, users, payers, educators and regulators) be formed with Healthcare providers forming the core of the ICHA.

Major Healthcare provider professional associations were convinced and have come together to form the ICHA. In view of the purpose of the ICHA and varied nature of stakeholders it was thought best to adopt the legal structure of a Section 25 Company. This is a special purpose not-for-profit organisation that enjoys the advantages and benefits of a "Charitable" organisation. Registered office of the company to be located in Delhi for logistic advantages. While the ICHA shall be economically self-sustaining in the long run, initial development requires funding from various sources.

Why involve everybody:

Healthcare affects everyone and is also everybody's responsibility. Quality can improve only with committed participation of all. As technological complexities increase, the need for teamwork, coordination and communication increases as well. The entire movement needs all three i.e. mind (intellect and commitment), money and muscle (physical work). Thus we can all contribute in one or more ways for our own sake and the future.

What is required: Methodology:

To ensure credibility and ownership; it is essential that people who actually do the work, as a team develop processes. These are then shared widely through the website for suggestions and consensus. From these guidelines are then evolved the benchmarks which are graded as threshold - desirable - ideal. These shall get continually updated. Through training, participating organisations develop specific protocols that are implemented and self-assessed. Finally this excellence is validated through peer review and recognised through Accreditation award.

Can I Participate?

YES, you Must! How? You can join ICHA as an individual affiliate, or as a part of your organization.

You can also join as a "Friend" of ICHA.

  1. Fill out and send us the Health Care Response Sheet.
  2. Contribute to the 'War Chest' required to allow the ICHA to fund development projects. Your tax-deductible contribution* (Minimum of 500, no maximum limit) will help this initiative grow and bear fruit.
  3. Spread the word. Talk to your friends, your parents, your co-workers and other interested people. Write to your local MP and/or the Ministry of Health and tell them that you support the ICHA and its goals and that you want the MP/Minister to support the ICHA too.

Application and Registration forms, click here.

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