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Healthcare Response Sheet

Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation (ICHA)

(for a Printer Friendly version of the Healthcare Response Form, please click here.)

Healthcare affects / concerns us all and in more than one way. It may be either as patients or attending to patients or as visitors (Receivers and Users). It may be as health professionals / hospitals, clinics (Providers). Last but not least, as those who pay, whether as individuals – directly or through taxes or through corporates, Insurance, Govt etc. (Payers).

The response sheet below is sought with the intention of finding constructive solutions and continuously improve healthcare for the benefit of all - Receivers abd Users, Providers, Payers and Funders as well as Educators and Regulators (Learning Institutions and Statutory bodies).

To make it worthwhile, you are requested to give your frank and candid opinions / feelings. The terms used are explained with examples.

I. How would you rate the healthcare today? (Please tick one)

  1. Highly satisfactory
  2. Chalta Hai / Indifferent
  3. Very Unsatisfactory

Please give 3 reasons for your choice. (Consider your various experiences not merely the last one or based on hearsay).

II. Mention 3 features of a “Happy” Healthcare experience (Every time you visit or use a Health facility e.g. clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories for receiving advice, treatment, tests or caring for or visiting a patient). The intention is to find “what do you expect from healthcare facilities and providers which will make your experience ‘Happy” or highly desirable whenever it does become necessary to use them.

III. Healthcare is extremely important to all (Please tick one)

  1. Agree
  2. Disagree
  3. Makes not much difference

IV. What will you like to do to improve healthcare. (It is important to appreciate that continuously improved quality is the responsibility of all and requires contribution. While finding faults may be helpful, it is important to find solutions and more so newer ideas that bring about improvement and development) . Please tick as many choices as you are willing to do.

  1. Contribute funds / resources in kind
  2. Volunteer services – Awareness creation / Fund raising / Liaison / Direct services e.g. helping in facilities as volunteers.
  3. Give suggestions.
  4. Others (Please specify)

The two responses below seek to bring forth some of the lesser known and talked about aspects of Healthcare. Please take time to think, visualize and then respond.

V. Healthcare contributes significantly to the prosperity of Individuals / Community Nation / World because it does the following:

1. Creates a state of Well-being and Happiness.

A. Agree   B. Disagree

2. Increases Productivity.

A. Agree   B. Disagree

3. Financial Savings

A. Agree   B. Disagree

4. Encourages industry and employment

A. Agree   B. Disagree

5. Education, research and learning

A. Agree   B. Disagree

VI. List 5 non-medical resources that a hospital uses (i.e. exclude medicines, medical equipment, gases, dressings etc.)

Many thanks for your attention and efforts. You have already begun contributing! Please contact on e-mail ID [email protected] for any details. Please give your name and contact details below.

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