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Not-for-Profit Company Incorporated and Licensed U/S 25 of the Companies Act. (Limited by Guarantee Not having a Share Capital)

(License No. 2/18/T-1 /2004/D dated 5th July 04 and Certificate of Incorporation No. U85118DL2004NPL129651 dated 4th October 04)

Key point summary of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

  1. A section 25 Not-for-Profit Company limited by Guarantee with registered office in Delhi. 7 associations viz. API (Association of Physicians of India), ASI (Association of Surgeons of India), ISA (Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists), AIOS (All India Ophthalmological Society), IPA (Indian Pharmaceutical Association), IHPA ( Indian Hospital Pharmacist’s Association) and AHA (Academy of Hospital Administration) – the requisite number signed as the initial subscribers.
  2. To develop, implement and upgrade a comprehensive Healthcare Accreditation System thereby bringing about all round improvement in Healthcare delivery for the benefit of all.
  3. An autonomous body that is widely held (i.e. all stakeholders – providers, users, payers & funders, educators and regulators) and is driven by professionals. Has consensus based approach to encourage and ensure collaborative relationships. Consideration of all aspects of healthcare delivery and views of all stakeholders with trust and transparency to ensure credibility and continued participation.
  4. Not for profit but aim to be economically self-sustaining in the long run. Volunteering to work but recognition and rewards for contribution and excellence.
  5. Focus on Quality and its continuous improvement internally as well as externally.
  6. Provisions for utilising futuristic technology and dynamic to be in tune with the times.
  7. Long-term perspective incorporating appropriate safeguards for continued value of purpose.
  8. Non-political, unbiased structure ensuring equity and opportunity for all to contribute.
  9. Two levels – Membership with voting right limited to national associations represented by their nominees (with provision for invitees / observers as necessary) and Affiliates comprising individuals, individual organisations / hospitals and regional / local / associations or specific purpose bodies.
  10. Neutral Chairperson and Vice-chairperson. Periodical rotation through Board of Directors (eligibility limited to National Associations) – Technical Council – General body to ensure shared responsibility, dynamism and inclusion. The proportion composition of the Company at all levels to be in ratio of contribution, need and availability of stakeholders (see 15 below).
  11. Corporate functioning to ensure timely goal achievement and maintain focus through dedicated Chief Executive Officer (CEO) supported by a team at various levels as per need and progress.
  12. Board of Directors shall be selected preferably by volunteering or elected on the basis of their willingness to contribute to their role as owner/business managers by the Technical Council. An Executive Committee of Board of Directors (3 or 5 as per need) to supervise and support day-to-day functioning of the CEO and ICHA.
  13. Work by those who volunteer but to ensure responsibility, timeliness and purpose to be compensated / recognised / rewarded appropriately. This shall ensure a focus and high quality. The Technical Council shall be responsible and determinant of the technical content. All stakeholders shall represent it. The seats shall be allocated in respective categories in their proportionate representation on the basis that the first round shall accommodate all specialties / categories. If seats are available then only the 2nd round of seats may be catered to and so on depending upon also on the number of members from each area / category / speciality. The choice of representation in case of more than one member of the same major specialty / subspecialty / category shall be decided within the group either by consensus, rotation or voting as the group may deem fit. Thus leading to limited voting if necessary by the General Body.
  14. Mandatory articles as per companies act and to ensure special status. Eligibility for various exemptions, reliefs and special Income–Tax status. Exempted from Income Tax: Registered under section 12A read with section 12AA(1)(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter No. DIT(E) 2005-06/I-1052/04/131 dated 12th May,2005. Donations to Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation are exempt from Income Tax as per Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide letter No. DIT(E)2005-2006/I-1052/2095 dated 26th October, 2006 issued by the Director Income Tax (E), Delhi valid till 31st March, 2009.
  15. The composition of ICHA at all levels i.e. General Body, Technical Council and Board of Directors shall be as below:
    National Professional Association(s) of Healthcare Providers: 60 %
    National Association(s) of Facility Owners/Providers: 10 %
    National Association(s) of Consumers Organizations 10 %
    National Association(s) of Media 03 %
    National Association(s) of Law/Legal professionals/ Chartered Accountants 02 %
    National Association(s)/Organisation(s) of Funders or Payers (break up as under): 10%
    1. Government 5%
    2. Insurance 2%
    3. Companies 3%
    National Professional Councils / Educational / Research Bodies in areas of Healthcare 05 %

Board of Directors

S. No. Name Designation Nominee of
1 S. L. Nasa Registrar Delhi Pharmacy Council Indian Hospital Pharmacists' Association
2 S. Sadasivam Consultant Surgeon Association of Surgeons of India
3 Rajesh Upadhyay Consultant Physician Association of Physicians of India
4 S. Venkataraman (Maj.Gen.) Consultant Neurologist Indian Academy of Neurology
5 Rajvardhan Azad   Professor AIIMS All India Ophthalmological Society  
6 Praveen Sharma   Professor SMS Medical College Jaipur Association of Clinical Biochemists of India
7 Arun Goel   Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India
8 S. Y. Kothari   Consultant & HOD PMR Safdarjang Hospital Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
9 Baljit Singh   Professor GB Pant Hospital Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists
10 Mahendra R. Surwade   CMD – Humaclin Indian Association of Medical Informatics
11 Ashok Vaid   Consultant Oncologist Indian Cooperative Oncology Network
12 Ashim Chakravarti (Maj Gen) Director – Hospitech Academy of Hospital Administration
13 Nanthini Subbiah (Mrs.)   Dy. Secy. General TNAI Trained Nurses Association of India
14 R. K. Sharma   Head Occupational Therapy All India Occupational Therapists Association
15. Vijay Garg Director Vastuki Consultants Indian Institute of Architects
16. Kamal Singh Dirctor – CMD All India Management Association
17 Bejon Misra CEO – VOICE Consumer Coordination Council
18 Akhil Sangal CEO & ex-officio Director Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation

Advisory Council to the Board

S. No. Name Designation
1 BVR Sastry (Former Director – ICHA) HOD Anaesthesia Safdarjang Hospital
2 Rajan Madhok – Advisor Overseas Affairs Meical Director – PCT Manchester U. K.
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