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To attain global leadership and make India the health destination of the world by providing continuously better quality healthcare through actualization of our tremendous expert resource potential.


Establish validated excellence in healthcare through collaborative team effort to achieve ever-higher optimal levels of quality, access, cost and risk minimisation. We endeavour to bring about all round improvement and happiness to all stakeholders in healthcare.

Values / Guiding Principles.

  1. Balance of rights and responsibilities
  2. Credibility through integrity and quality
  3. Failure mode redressals
    • Withdrawal of accreditation
    • Action by ICHA on redressal of complaints
    • Support to the right practices.
  4. Integration rather than division
  5. Innovation encouraged
  6. Choice of Adaptation and adoption in implementation
  7. Trust- Transparency- Transactions as core operative framework.
  8. Work through Volunteering – Negotiation - Conciliation



  1. Rightful leadership place for our expert resource through actualization of their potential.
  2. To make India the health destination of the world and resultant economic growth to improve the health status of our people.
  3. Create an attitude and environment of trust and integrity thus helping all to share and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships.
  4. To train our current and future generations to attain ever-higher levels of expertise through education and participation.
  5. To establish a data base system enabling meaningful analysis and informed decisions for progress.
  6. To create institutions and systems that delight all stakeholders.
  7. To establish our credibility of an order that everybody can look up to.


icha logo

The logo approved is based on the concept as follows:

  1. The overall shape of "Q" to denote quality.
  2. The Human figure in the centre to denote the centrality of Healthcare receiver / user.
  3. The overlay of Asclepius staff (the Caduceus) to denote interaction with Healthcare providers.
  4. The short name ‘ICHA’ on top.
  5. The mission slogan at the lower end in the banner ‘Establishing Validated Excellence’
  6. The lotus formation below the Human figure depicts the flame of life as the central bud. The petals are formed by the profile of several hands on either side to denote teamwork and partnership. The significance of lotus due to its total usefulness and ‘PADMASAN’ in the Indian Philosophical context is well known.
  7. The branches on either side denote peace, prosperity and progress.
icha logo


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